This week, Erin Holmstead told us about the compact lights she uses for photography, while Nate Torres made the argument about why EXIF data isn’t important.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz walked us through creating a custom studio lighting setup, while Bryan Esler reviewed the new Olympus 100-400mm lens. Finally, Giulio Sciorio talked about how he utilizes Aurora HDR on his street portraits.

My go-to lights fit in the palm of my hand. Don’t yours? - If I told you that my two must-have lights fit into the palm of my hand, would you believe me? One of those lights alone was used to light my face in the image below. Would believe me that? Lume Cube The first light I like to pack in my camera bag is the Lume […]
Why EXIF data isn’t that important - In today’s article, I’m going to discuss why EXIF information is not that important. Before I do that, let’s discuss what EXIF is. What is it, and why do people think it is important? EXIF is an abbreviation that stands for “Exchangeable Image File.” It stores all the metadata related to your image file — […]
Smart Studio Lighting How to create your own smart studio lighting - While my office is also my studio, just like so many other photographers, I am in a unique situation. My office/studio lights have to be adjusted for various scenarios: Working at my desk Recording a video for my YouTube channel Hosting The WordPress Photography Podcast for Imagely Hosting The Photographer Show here at Photofocus Studio […]
Does the new Olympus 100-400mm hit the mark? - I’ve had the new Olympus 100-400mm f/5-6.3 (B&H | Amazon) for a few days now, and I finally was able to take it out and photograph some wildlife. I took the lens, paired with my E-M1X, to Blandford Nature Center, where I knew I’d see at least a few animals. While a lot of photographers […]
Perfecting street portraits with Aurora HDR - Street photography is such a vast topic and one that’s wide open to interpretations. My view is that street photography is more of a state of mind than a look or process. For me, street photography is about connecting with people and creating their portrait on the spot. Even with the latest camera, there’s only […]

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