With WPPI just a few days away, we wanted to give you a few interesting articles that you can put into practice on your trip out to Las Vegas! We hope to see you there for our photowalk and readers’ breakfast!

Julie Powell kicked off the week talking about using Excire Search to locate landmarks, while Nate Torres gave us eight ways to capture emotion in photographs. Lauri Novak talked about the legacy of photographs, Bryan Esler gave us insight into the latest Photoshop update to celebrate its 30th birthday and Jeremy Gray discussed the value of printing.

Using Excire Search to locate landmarks - Using Excire Search to locate landmarks is quick and easy to do. I tend to travel a lot and I really like lighthouses, but I frequently forget which lighthouse is in which folder within Lightroom Classic. Excire Search promised to get me organized, and it did. Keyword search I tried using the search term lighthouse […]
emotional photography Emotional photography: Eight ways to capture feeling in photos - Emotions can be found anywhere in photography, even in landscape photos. However, as a portrait photographer or event photographer, it’s more important than ever to ensure you capture the emotion of the scene. Your clients will be relying on your ability to tell a compelling story through your photographs. Emotional photography is the key to […]
photographic legacy The legacy of our photographs - This isn’t necessarily something any of us really like to talk about. Because I’m dealing with it personally and creeping up there in age, I’m seeing and hearing more and more of this subject come up in conversations. What do we do with all of these photos? I know I’m not the only one who […]
Adobe celebrates 30th birthday of Photoshop - This morning, Adobe announced a range of updates to Photoshop for both desktop and iPad, to help ring in the software’s 30th birthday. According to Adobe, Photoshop has been around for 10,950 days. The company made note of its involvement in crating visual effects for the movie “The Abyss,” and also marked such innovations as […]
The value of printing - Printing your images is a great way to share your digital photography and add a special element to your workflow In an increasingly digital age, many photographers exclusively share their work online. Whether it’s a personal website, a photo sharing site or Instagram, for many photographers, the only way their work is displayed is on […]

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