As part of our 2019 Photofocus Writers Retreat, we visited Black Velvet Canyon in Nevada about 30 minutes from where we were staying for a sunrise shoot. This group consisted of many of the amazing and talented people from the Photofocus team.

As we arrived, the sky looked like the image below. The fun for me was to see so many talented and skilled photographs shoot the same area. We had gotten there just before the sunrise and so as soon as we parked, people grabbed their gear and headed out. Some headed out alone and others in small groups looking for that first spot to start shooting their sunrise photographs.

The exciting thing for me was that each person brought their own experiences, skills, and equipment to the shoot. We had full-frame cameras, micro four-thirds cameras, APS-C cameras, prime lenses, zoom lenses, tripods, gimbals, a drone, etc. As we began to photograph some people shot from the ground, others had their tripods set low, looking up, others had their tripods at eye height and others were shooting mostly handheld.


As the sun rose in the sky, Black Velvet Canyon began to reveal itself.

We also captured a little bit of the sunrise shoot from the air.

And finally the group shot!

Photo by Kevin Ames

Below I’ve listed each of the amazing photographers/authors from the group photograph above, going left to right. By clicking on their names below, it will take you to that author’s articles on Photofocus.

Kevin Ames, Levi Sim, Erin Chafin Holmstead, Lauri Novak, Richie Acevedo, Fabrizia Costa, Robert Vanelli, Michele Grener, Chris Anson, Richard Harrington, Bryan Esler and Mike Hagen.