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Kids on Pics, episode 2: How to take a selfie

I am a self-portrait photographer, meaning my kids are constantly seeing me take creative fun images of myself. Whether I’m splattered in blacklight paint or rocking a crazy makeup look,

Photographer of the Day: Gianluca Moretto

Photographer: Gianluca Moretto Photo: “Kiara” What is the first thing you notice when looking at a portrait? For me, it is the eyes. So when I saw this image I

Photographer of the Day: Natasha Jelezkina

Photographer: Natasha Jelezkina Photo: “Stay home. Save lives. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ COVID-19 The Merchandise Mart. Chicago” What a crazy time we are living in. I’m grateful that we have photographers all over

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Photographer: Joe Photo: “Spring Beauty” Photographing flowers has been a new hobby of mine since the whole quarantine happened. I love the vibrant colors and the detail you can see

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Photographer: Christian Meermann Photo: “Ice Entity #14“ Christian Meermann had this to say about this image: “In our daily hurly-burly lives, we tend to overlook that right under our noses there

Photographer of the Day: Crusty Da Klown

Photographer: Crusty Da Klown Photo: “Groovy Nuclear Winter Wonderland” This image by Crusty Da Klown had me doing a double-take. Is this a double exposure? Did they light paint in

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