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Photographer of the Day: Gianluca Moretto

Photographer: Gianluca Moretto Photo: “Kiara” What is the first thing you notice when looking at a portrait? For me, it is the eyes. So when I saw this image I

Photographer of the Day: Natasha Jelezkina

Photographer: Natasha Jelezkina Photo: “Stay home. Save lives. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ COVID-19 The Merchandise Mart. Chicago” What a crazy time we are living in. I’m grateful that we have photographers all over

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Photographer: Joe Photo: “Spring Beauty” Photographing flowers has been a new hobby of mine since the whole quarantine happened. I love the vibrant colors and the detail you can see

Photographer of the Day: Christian Meermann

Photographer: Christian Meermann Photo: “Ice Entity #14“ Christian Meermann had this to say about this image: “In our daily hurly-burly lives, we tend to overlook that right under our noses there

Photographer of the Day: Crusty Da Klown

Photographer: Crusty Da Klown Photo: “Groovy Nuclear Winter Wonderland” This image by Crusty Da Klown had me doing a double-take. Is this a double exposure? Did they light paint in

Photographer of the Day: Melinda G

Photographer: Melinda G Photo: “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness. -Bill Blass” Anyone else counting down the days until spring? This image by Melinda got me excited about it.

Photographer of the Day: Pavel Drexler

Photographer: Pavel Drexler Photo: “Night meeting” My favorite part of summer is long exposures like this one. Pavel, this is gorgeous. I love all the details. Can you find the

First look at the Kobra Flash Modifier

While wandering around the booths at WPPI this year, I met Paul McKelvey. Paul is the founder of the Kobra Flash Modifier — he designed the Kobra. The Kobra is

Photographer of the Day: Patrick Burnham

Photographer: Patrick Burnham Photo: “untitled-116.jpg” I personally think toy photography is under-appreciated in the art world. Toy photography to me is an art form. It is the art of portraying

Photographer of the Day: Foteini Zaglara

Photographer: Foteini Zaglara Photo: “une orchidée pour la mémoire” This is perfection. The color hues. The fact that the flowers kind of look like hands coming up the side. Her

Photographer of the Day: Hani Bader

Photographer: Hani Bader Photo: “Oman” Confession: I have never taken my camera to a pool or anywhere near water. I have a fear that something horrible will happen. However, after

Planoly, every Instagram users dream app

Social media isn’t as organic or effortless as it may appear. Brands and, yes, even “social media influencers,” take a lot of time to plan out their social media. With

Calibrating with X-Rite and BenQ

If I told you that for the first five years of owning a camera I never calibrated my computer screen, you might have thought I was losing my mind. I

Photographer of the Day: Lorecrw

Photographer: Lorecrw Photo: “Playing with the old nikkor 500 c f8 mirror” The depth of field is so spot-on in this image. It could very easily be one of my

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Oil drops” As a photographer, I love trying new fun creative things. One of the things I haven’t tried yet is oil drops and after seeing

Photographer of the Day: Jamie Zartman

Photographer: Jamie Zartman Photo: “Ice Chandelier” One of my favorite things about photography is the fact that the artists get to title the image. I am a firm believer that

Photographer of the Day: Frank Bitetto

Photographer: Frank Bitetto Photo: “Untitled” Frank Bitetto sent me this stunning image and said this about it, “The photo was made at the Richmond Art Museum with an iPhone and edited

Photographer of the Day: Karl

Photographer: Karl Photo: “Kylie” This image — WOW! I want a copy of this hung in my office please, Karl. It is so calming to look at. The colors are

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