Photographer of the Day: Mary

Category: Street Photographer: Mary Photo: “2019-09-24 Lost in thought” Mary, this is beautiful, powerful and inspiring! The amount of emotion this image portrays is incredible. I love that it looks

Getting started with light painting

So what is light painting? It’s a photo technique where you take a very long exposure with a moving light source. This ends up creating cool laser-like effects in your

Photographer of the Day: Crusty Da Klown (Busy)

Category: Street Photographer: Crusty Da Klown (Busy) Photo: “Dragoons” Now this image by Crusty Da Klown (Busy) is a really cool creative take on street photography. Does it look like

I made a tiny planet and so can you

I have always wanted to make a tiny planet picture but never had the time to learn. Researching YouTube videos sometimes leads me into a dark spiral that just makes

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Street Photographer: Ritxy Photo: “Untitled” This is a spectacular street photography image by Ritxy! It immediately catches your attention and draws you in. The little girl standing next to

Photographer of the Day: Jovan J

Category: Street Photographer: Jovan J Photo: “Mother & Daughter Bike Ride” I love this image by Jovan J; this fits right into the old school polaroids vibe that everyone is

Photographer of the Day: Jim Sollows

Category: Street Photographer: Jim Sollows Photo: “The Other Side of the Tracks” Jim my friend, I tip my hat to you! I honestly am shaken by this image. You deserve

Photographer of the Day: Ivan Rigamonti

Category: Street Photographer: Ivan Rigamonti Photo: “Prime Tower” I can’t help but love a good black and white and this one by Ivan Rigamonti is stunning! I also can’t help

Photographer of the Day: Mark Coleman

Category: Street Photographer: Mark Coleman Photo: “Cheeseburger” This image by Mark Coleman titled “Cheeseburger” gave me a little chuckle. Feels like the guy with the sign knew exactly what the

Photographer of the Day: Stig Nygaard

Category: Street Photographer: Stig Nygaard Photo: “Tivoli entrance” Really enjoying this long exposure photography done by Stig Nygaard titled “Tivoli entrance.” Such a creative take on street photography! Originally shared

Photographer of the Day: Gino Domenico

Category: Street Photographer: Gino Domenico Photo: “Split” Gino sent me this picture and it gave me a little chuckle. He said he took this image on 6th Avenue in New

Photographer of the Day: Paul Munford

Category: Street Photographer: Paul Munford Photo: “P” My husband looked at this image by Paul Munford and asked what he used to take it. My response was “TALENT and, of

Do you have a Husky?

I am about to blow your mind with my amazing new purchase, and I am going to blow it again when I tell you it was only $70! First, I

Photographer of the Day: Dean Forbes

Category: Street Photographer: Dean Forbes Photo: “Audience” “This image was made at a community arts festival where I live in Shoreline, Washington. I noticed the man’s hat, lit by the

Photographer of the Day: Ivan Rigamonti

Category: Street Photographer: Ivan Rigamonti Photo: “Prime Tower“ To be honest I am not sure why this image by Ivan Rigamonti caught my eye so much. Maybe it’s the unconventional

Photographer of the Day: Cinzio Farinelli

Category: Street Photographer: Cinzio Farinelli Photo: “Arcades of Turin” This beautiful image by Cinzio Farinelli titled “Arcades of Turin” immediately caught my eye this month. It is a stunning street