landscape photography

Using AI to recover an underexposed landscape

So, I arrived before sunrise at this beautiful old farmstead out in the country. I’m using multiple lenses, multiple ND filters and as I shoot the photographs, I’m continuously checking

Landscape photography on gloomy days

There are two things you are almost always guaranteed to find on the Oregon Coast: Stunning beauty and lots of rain. This summer, I took my family on a quick

Landscapes in Luminar – Tips, Techniques, and a Simple Workflow for Beautiful Results

Digging into Skylum’s newest version of Luminar, the first question I had to answer is, “what can it do that will save me time, make my images look better, and not take forever to learn?” Once you open the program up, you find a tremendous amount options for processing. But, it is an easy to learn program that I have found can help you make quick adjustments to get great results.  These tips and techniques will help you sift through the options and features, so you can develop (pun intended) your own workflow, not just for your landscapes, but any type of photography.