potd outdoor feather

Photographer of the Day: Geoffrey Tibbenham

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Geoffrey Tibbenham Photo: “Light as a Feather” There is something very calming about this image. The movement of the water and the stillness and delicateness of the feather create

potd outdoors

Photographer of the Day: Randy Jenkins

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Randy Jenkins Photo: “Forest and Trees” This image makes me want to be there. To hear the silence, breathe in the fresh air and just sit there and contemplate

be a photography mentor

Being a photography mentor

Vanelli wrote a great article about asking for a mentor, having a mentor and finding a mentor. It made me think about the other side of that. What about BEING

outdoor photo of the day

Photographer of the Day: Subrato Mitra

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Subrato Mitra Photo: “A view near the Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram“ The deep green in this shot caught my attention first, then the rich colors of the boat in contrast

man walking beach from above

Photographer of the Day: Ken Mickel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Mickel Photo: “Walking the Beach” So many great things about this image. The point of view (without the use of a drone) is so great. It is composed

don't delete in camera

Why deleting images in camera is a bad idea

Stop! Don’t press that garbage can icon! I’ve witnessed this many times while out taking photographs with people. They quickly click through images using the screen on their camera and

lighthouse in rough seas

Photographer of the Day: Frank Farrell

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Frank Farrell Photo: “Porthcawl Sea” Such raw power in this image. Nature showing us who is in charge. The motion in this was captured brilliantly and at just the

sunset over lake michigan

Photographer of the Day: Milosh Kosanovich

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Milosh Kosanovich Photo: “Any Port in a Sunset” What caught my attention with this sunset is the placement of the sun. I think a lot of photographers may have

potd outdoor swallowtail

Photographer of the Day: Don McDaniel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Don McDaniel Photo: Swallowtail Nature is amazing and this photo proves it. First, the rich bright colors caught my eye, then the light shining through the Monarch wings.

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Engrooved Splash

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Engrooved Splash Photo: “The Quiet Silhouette” This image stood out for me as I was going through the albums for this month’s Photographers of the Day. It’s different —

dancer using auto settings

Photographing on Auto: The good and the bad

We probably all do it at some point — we become lazy, we’re shooting something we don’t really care about, we’re just creating snapshots or for whatever reason, we turn

macro seashell

Using what you have on hand as backgrounds

Many times I hear people say they can’t take certain images because they don’t have the tools, equipment or gear they think they need. My reply to them? Be creative,

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Ria Trouw

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ria Trouw Photo: “Luneburg” A lovely, flower-lined street that makes me want to keep walking and exploring. It looks like the perfect day to wander here. This image makes

writing to help photography

How writing can help your photography

About a year ago I started writing almost every morning and it’s helped my photography and my business. Below I explain how. “The Artist Way” “The Artist Way” is a

details in photography

Seeing details in the bigger picture

I recently went to a fan event at Guaranteed Rate Field (still Comiskey Park to me), home of the Chicago White Sox. I thought it would be a great opportunity

potd outdoor

Photographer of the Day: Davide Gabino

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Davide Gabino Photo: “Ploumanac’h” What a beautiful black and white image — so much about this is spot on. All of the leading lines that draw the viewer in