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fall trees and pond

Photographer of the Day: Ohao

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ohao Photo: “Vive l’automne” This image makes me want to sit on that dock, relax and just be. It reminds me of a scene from a fairy tale, some

santa sign

Beyond the Santa photo

They’re here whether you’re ready or not — it’s the holiday season and photos will be a big part of the next couple of months. We all love the photos

Tahquamenon falls

Photographer of the Day: Mike Hedge

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Mike Hedge Photo: “Tahquamenon Falls” This image makes me a little uneasy in a good way. The feeling of being right there is strong as I’m standing right on

mono lake

Photographer of the Day: Jose Matutina

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jose Matutina Photo: “The Tufas of Mono Lake” I have to admit I chose this image for two reasons. The first reason is because Mono Lake is on my

fine art print sales

A case for selling your art online

I wrote a couple of articles (here and here) about selling photography online previously and was thinking about it today as I opened up one of the sites I sell

vision board

What’s all this talk about vision boards?

In the last two years, my friend and mentor, Ron Clifford, who runs a Thriving Photographers group on Facebook, has challenged group members with creating their own vision boards. I

racoon in tree

Photographer of the Day: Jacek Moszej

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jacek Moszej Photo: “Hello!” How could you not love that little face? Although I’m quite sure he’s up to no good, scheming his next garbage run or something. Great

underwater airplane

Photographer of the Day: Hani Bader

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Hani Bader Photo: “Boeing 747” Wow, what an amazing sight to see much less be able to photograph it. So many questions. So many stories in this image waiting

potd outdoor buffalo

Photographer of the Day: Mark Coleman

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Mark Coleman Photo: “The Great Buffalo” If there is one way to stop a buffalo in its tracks it would be this, a fantastic photograph that captures a split

Canyonlands National Park

Photographer of the Day: Ken Childress

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Childress Photo: “Green River Overlook Sunset” One of the hardest things to do in a landscape photograph (in my opinion) is to capture the vastness of a scene

potd outdoor feather

Photographer of the Day: Geoffrey Tibbenham

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Geoffrey Tibbenham Photo: “Light as a Feather” There is something very calming about this image. The movement of the water and the stillness and delicateness of the feather create

potd outdoors

Photographer of the Day: Randy Jenkins

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Randy Jenkins Photo: “Forest and Trees” This image makes me want to be there. To hear the silence, breathe in the fresh air and just sit there and contemplate

be a photography mentor

Being a photography mentor

Vanelli wrote a great article about asking for a mentor, having a mentor and finding a mentor. It made me think about the other side of that. What about BEING

outdoor photo of the day

Photographer of the Day: Subrato Mitra

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Subrato Mitra Photo: “A view near the Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram“ The deep green in this shot caught my attention first, then the rich colors of the boat in contrast

man walking beach from above

Photographer of the Day: Ken Mickel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Mickel Photo: “Walking the Beach” So many great things about this image. The point of view (without the use of a drone) is so great. It is composed

don't delete in camera

Why deleting images in camera is a bad idea

Stop! Don’t press that garbage can icon! I’ve witnessed this many times while out taking photographs with people. They quickly click through images using the screen on their camera and

lighthouse in rough seas

Photographer of the Day: Frank Farrell

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Frank Farrell Photo: “Porthcawl Sea” Such raw power in this image. Nature showing us who is in charge. The motion in this was captured brilliantly and at just the