Every photographer needs a bag to carry their gear. Whether you choose to use a messenger bag, roller bag or backpack, carrying solutions are oftentimes uninspiring and more of a hassle than anything else.

One of my goals at WPPI this year was to find a new backpack. I was happy with my messenger bag and roller bag, but my backpacks left something to be desired.

Mind you, I’ve tried several backpacks, ranging from Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack to LowePro’s Flipside Trek. And while these all have their strengths, none of what I’ve used is perfect for my situation and photography style.

Enter Wandrd. I stumbled upon the Wandrd booth at WPPI, and I have to say that for the first time, I was impressed with a backpack. It was different from anything else I had used, and it didn’t look like a typical camera backpack. It was sleek looking, came in black, green and blue colors, and offered more storage than most of my backpacks did.

Wandrd’s … wonder

What initially drew me in to Wandrd’s booth was the outdoor-style PRVKE backpacks they had on display. The interior is extremely modular, featuring two main compartments. The bottom compartment features a camera-ready grid that is completely customizable.

The backpack has three access points, and is waterproof, but comes with a Rainfly just in case you experience a huge rainstorm. It also comes with a laptop sleeve, weather-resistant zippers, a water bottle/tripod pocket, passport pocket and weighs just 2.8 pounds (or 3.4 pounds for the 31-liter version).

“This bag is an all in one. You can carry your camera stuff, take it on a hike, take it traveling and take it to work. It’s expandable up to a 26-liter bag or 36-liter bag. All of our bags also come with a lifetime guarantee,” said co-founder Ryan Cope.

The backpacks come in two sizes — the 21-liter and 31-liter. The 21 is perfect for a basic mirrorless camera setup, while the 31 is better suited to pros carrying multiple lenses. I can easily see myself using the 31 to carry my Olympus OM-D E-M1X and 3-4 lenses without a problem.

“We love getting people outside and traveling to experience new things. That’s what we’re passionate about. When people reach out with problems or concerns, we always want to help them out. If anything happens with the bag, we make sure it’s replaced and taken care of.”

Wandrd’s PRVKE Photography Bundle backpacks start retail for $264 (21-liter) and $289 (31-liter).

What’s next to wonder about

The company does much more than just standard backpacks. In addition to two HEXAD duffel bags that feature a similar customization, Wandrd has recently introduced the Veer — a collapsible backpack that folds into its top pocket.

The VEER 18L, which is currently on Kickstarter, is set to ship in August, and is perfectly suited to on-the-go photographer. It comes with an inflatable back panel, adding structure and comfort to the bag. You can also add an inflatable camera cube to the mix to carry a camera body and lens.

The bag also includes side and top access, and has front and pockets to hold your smaller camera accessories.

The VEER will retail for $99 ($148 with the camera cube). Early Bird Kickstarter backers can purchase for $79 ($118 with the camera cube).