We all know that we need a solid camera and quality lenses to create great landscape images. However, there’s so much more to landscape photography than those two items.

A whole host of accessories on the market can make our landscape photography lives easier. In this roundup, I will share with you four items that I live and die by when it comes to landscape photography. Whenever I head out into the field, the four items below are always with me. They genuinely help me enjoy the image-making process more, and they help keep me comfortable and give me peace of mind. Maybe they will do the same for you. So let’s check out the items.

Lowepro Photosport Pro 55L — Perfect for long hikes

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Often, we landscape photographers like to take a lot of gear with us so we can be prepared for any situation. On top of cameras and lenses, we need filters, tripods, extra layers of clothes, food and water for when we’re on longer hikes. So, you’ll need a big bag that’s comfortable and well-made. Enter the Lowepro Photosport 55L AW III. In our full review, we said:

“The PhotoSport Pro 55L AW III allows you to load up everything you need to trek around in the woods, mountains or anywhere else you want to go.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

The Lowepro PhotoSport Pro AW III is well made, weather-resistant, and extremely comfortable, thanks to thick padded straps and an ultra-configurable strap system that alters to fit your torso. There’s ample room for cameras, lenses and accessories. There is a dedicated holder for a water bladder, and the roll-top compartment has plenty of space for rations, clothes and other items. If I’m heading out into the wilderness on a landscape photography trip, this bag is coming with me.

Robus 5560 Vantage tripod — A landscape photography essential

landscape photography

In my review of the Robus 5560 Vantage, I said this is the best tripod you’ve never heard of. After months of use and abuse, I’m still singing this tripod’s praises. It’s an absolute monster that continues to impress. The Robus 5560 Vantage will give you a steady platform to place your camera on when practicing landscape photography. In our full review, we said:

“The Robus 5560 Vantage is one of the nicest tripods I have ever used. I have used and reviewed a lot of tripods, including ones that cost three times the price of this option from Robus. Everything about the tripod just screams quality.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

This carbon fiber tripod oozes quality. The legs and the locks used are buttery smooth when in operation. The Robus 5560 is stable and sturdy on all types of terrain. It weighs 4.4lbs, which is very light for a tripod like this. The tripod has a load capacity of 55lbs (24.95 kg) and a maximum height of 60 inches (152.4 cm). Pair it up with the Robus RTH-1050 ball head, and you’ll be in tripod heaven. There’s no better tripod/ball head combo on the market for the price.

Freewell Magnetic VND filter system — Long exposures made easy

There’s nothing better than getting your landscape photography images right in camera. To do this, you’ll often need to employ filters. When it comes to ND filters, these variable offerings from Freewell are hard to beat. In our full review, we said:

“For me, filters can be make or break when it comes to picture quality. With the Freewell system, I found no issues with picture quality. All my images were sharp and didn’t experience issues with things like haze.”

Managing Editor — Bryan Esler

These variable neutral density filters from Freewell come in various thread sizes, and they’re magnetic. You attach the magnetic base ring to your lens, and you can quickly pop the filters off and on. We found that the filters do not shift colors in images. In addition, they do not introduce haze, nor do they reduce sharpness. So if you want to create long exposures easily, these filters from Freewell will help you get the job done.

Ruggard Rain Shield — Practice landscape photography in all weather

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The Ruggard Rain Shield is an accessory that should always find a place in a landscape photographer’s kit. Sure, many cameras and lenses have weather-sealing these days. Still, you never be too careful with your expensive gear. In our full review, we said:

“The Ruggard Rain Shield has stood up to Mother Nature and my shenanigans. My gear has remained dry every time I have used it. The Ruggard Rain Shield for cameras and lenses is affordable, easy to use, comes in three sizes (small, medium and large), and should be a part of your kit.”

Gear Editor — Brett Day

There’s nothing worse than being caught in a storm when you’re not prepared during landscape photography trips. If you’re looking for a way to protect your gear when you’re out on location, this rain shield will help. The cover quickly slips over your camera and lens. The cover secures to the barrel of your lens and has a base opening so it can be used on a tripod. If you love capturing moody landscapes during inclement weather, the Ruggard Rain Shield is a no-brainer.