If you’re new to landscape photography, you most likely have heard that the best time of the day to shoot is during the Golden Hour — during sunrise or sunset. This is because the light is often dramatic and colorful, which easily creates beautiful results. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great photos from shooting in other times of the day, especially when the light is harsh. You’ll just have to be extra strategic about it.

In the video above, Nigel Danson shares some of his simple tips for shooting in all times of the day, and despite the harsh light. To demonstrate these, he lets us tag along a midday shoot in a beautiful woodland location and shares some insights on what conditions you can look for when doing a shoot like this. For example, you can pay extra attention to the shadows and the way the sunlight illuminates your subject to create some contrast. Among your goals here is to avoid flat scenes without any point of interest. 

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