A few brands probably come to mind when you think about tripods. I know it’s this way for me. So, when I was asked to review the Robus 5560 Vantage Series C tripod I said “ the what? And who’s Robus?” However, I can now tell you that this brand will now be permanently etched into my brain. Read on to find out why.

Editor’s note: Robus sent us the 5560 Vantage tripod and RTH-1050 ball head to review and keep. However, this is an independent review. All thoughts about this product are our own. We have not been influenced in any way. We tell you this as we always want to be transparent with you.


  • Premium build
  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Buttery smooth operation
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Pairs perfectly with the Robus RTH-1050 ball head
  • Nice price


  • No bubble level

Robus 5560 Vantage — Technical specifications

All technical specifications for the Robus 5560 Vantage Series C tripod have been taken from the product listing page over at B&H Photo:

  • Load capacity: 55 lb / 24.95 kg
  • Max height: 60″ / 152.4 cm
  • Min height: 3.2″ / 8.1 cm
  • Closed length: 22.3″ / 56.6 cm
  • Head mount type: 3/8″-16 Male
  • Weight: 4.4 lb / 2.0 kg
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber
  • Lock type: Twist
  • Positions: Three
  • Leg sections: Four
  • Leg sections diameters: 1.4″ / 35.6 mm, 1.3″ / 33 mm, 1.1″ / 28 mm, 1.0″ / 25.4 mm
  • Feet features: Rubber, spiked

Robus 5560 Vantage — Ergonomics and build quality

Robus 5560 Vantage

When you first get the Robus 5560 Vantage Series C tripod out of its nice carry bag you’re going to say, wow, that’s a big tripod! Make no mistake about it, the Robus 5560 Vantage is a serious piece of kit that has been designed with professional photographers in mind.

Given its overall size and weight, this tripod might not be the first choice of photographers who like to travel or hike a lot. The Robus 5560 Vantage weighs in at 4.4lbs without a ball head. Looking at the girth of the tripod, though, you realize that this is pretty light for a tripod like this. Robus has kept the weight down by using carbon fiber and light aluminum alloys. I have taken this tripod with me on a few landscape photography trips now and I can’t say the size and weight ever got in my way or made me uncomfortable.

Build quality

When the tripod is collapsed it has a length of 22.3 inches. The tripod should fit into tripod pockets that are found on most camera bags. The legs have four sections, each of which is secured with a twist lock. When fully extended, the Robus 5560 Vantage stands a whopping 60 inches tall.

Everything about this tripod feels premium and solid. The rubber used on the twist locks feels fantastic. The locks themselves are smooth to turn and are easy to use. The legs fold out easily and can be positioned without fuss. The rubber grips at the top of the legs feel nice in the hand and provide a nice place to hold the tripod when out in the cold. The tripod comes with rubber feet installed but you can change them out thanks to the included spikes. I would not hesitate to use the Robus 5560 Vantage out in the blowing wind, the rain or the snow. This tripod has been built to last.

Robus 5560 Vantage — Out in the field

The Robus 5560 Vantage is one of the nicest tripods I have ever used. I have used and reviewed a lot of tripods, including ones that cost three times the price of this option from Robus. Everything about the tripod just screams quality. The legs feel fantastic. They are light but strong thanks to the carbon fiber that’s used.

The locks, as mentioned above, are easy to twist thanks to the premium feeling rubber that covers them. The tripod is easy to extend and collapse and it’s easy to carry around thanks to the rubber grips and the included case. Positioning the legs is a piece of cake. You pull the tabs at the top of the legs and they click into three different positions. However, one criticism I do have is that there is no bubble level on the tripod itself. I would love to see one if this tripod is ever updated.

It’s a dream setup with the Robus RTH-1050 ball head

Robus 5560 Vantage

I used the Robus 5560 Vantage with the Robus RTH-1050 ball head. Now, I won’t go into too much detail about the ball head here as we have reviewed it separately. Needless to say, the ball head is just as premium as the tripod itself. The controls are silky smooth. The head is easy to position, and yes, it does have a built-in level. You can read about the Robus RTH-1050 Triple Action Ball Head here. With the ball head and the tripod set, I loaded as much weight as I could onto the setup.

The heaviest gear I have is the Olympus E-M1X and the Olympus 100-400mm f/5-6.3. This combo weighs under 4.5lbs which is nothing compared to the maximum load weight of 55lbs! The Robus 5560 Vantage will be the sturdiest tripod under $1,000 you’ll ever use. I was able to position it in a way that gave me firm footings on every type of terrain.

I was never concerned about the stability of this tripod. Still, if you feel the need to add more weight to the tripod you can screw in the included carabineer to the underside of the top plate. Once in place, you can attach more weight. You can also switch out the rubber feet for spikes as well so you can dig down into the terrain. Out in the field, you can’t expect more from a tripod than the Robus gives you. It’s a solid platform that inspires confidence.

Robus 5560 Vantage — The best tripod you’ve never heard of

Robus 5560 Vantage

I’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of tripods and have used some very premium offerings. I have to say that the Robus 5560 Vantage is up there with the best of them. The build quality is outstanding. The locks are easy to use. The legs extended easily and smoothly, it can hold a ton of weight, it has a tall maximum height yet still folds down into a relatively compact unit.

It’s not the lightest tripod out there but it’s not outrageous at 4.4lbs. I do wish there was a level built-in to the tripod itself. Still, this is my only complaint. Use a ball head like the Robus RTH-1050 and you’ll have a level on that.

The tripod isn’t cheap at $429, but you’re getting a premium tripod here that would cost much more if it had come from another brand. The Robus 5560 Vantage will see me retire my Eagle Pro tripod which cost $1,099. It’s that good. If you want a sturdy tripod that feels premium in every way, check out the Robus 5560 Vantage Series C.