As we gear up for the biggest shopping season of the year, we’re presenting our favorite gifts for photographers this holiday season. Thanks to ManfrottoGitzo and Fine Art America, the sponsors of this year’s Holiday Gift Guide.

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Below are a few of our favorites that are valued under $100. These are great gifts for the photographer in your life!

Manfrotto Element MII Video Monopod

Recommended by the Photofocus Team | $89.99; available via Manfrotto

The Manfrotto Element MII Video Monopod is the lightest video monopod on the market at only 2.2 pounds, and offers smooth control for tilting and panning. It’s ideal for wedding and corporate videos, as well as interviews and documentaries when you’re on-the-go!

The ELEMENT MII Video Monopod is the first in the Manfrotto range to incorporate the new high- performing, ergonomic twist locks. These make setup and adjustment much easier and more comfortable, while also offering maximum grip, quick leg opening and extreme compactness. The locking mechanism ensures immediate setting, while the multiple sections (four in total) give optimum compactness and height.

Apple HomePod mini

Recommended by Bryan Esler | $99; available via B&H

I started investing more into my office in 2021, and I started with a pair of Apple HomePod minis. These sit right on my desk on either side of my monitor, and provide me with great stereo sound that so I can listen to music and podcasts throughout the day. Plus, they tie into my growing smart home, letting me switch on and off the lights, change the colors of my desk light strip and more. If you’ve got a studio with smart lights, this is the perfect combo, too!

Excire Bundle

Recommended by the Photofocus team | Read review | On sale for $53*; available via Excire

Ever wish you could simply search for your photos using simple words? What about colors, smiles, style and even content? Excire can easily scan all your photos and add simple tags to each photo. This is another AI tool, and if you can’t tell, getting organized is one of the major goals for 2022.

* On sale for North American customers only.

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 40 Instant Film Camera

Recommended by Bryan Esler | Read review | $99.95; available via B&H

If you’re looking for a throwback to the “fun” cameras of old, the Fujifilm INSTAX 40 Mini is a great option. Get that film-centric look with instant prints available for your friends and family. It’s perfect for those who want to capture their wedding from their guests’ points of view, or just as a camera to take with you on that next beautiful day trip.

Kate Backdrop fabric backdrops

Recommended by Julie Powell | Read review | Various prices; available via Kate Backdrop

Great portraits start with a great backdrop and the gorgeous selection from Kate Backdrop surely has something for everyone, from Old Masters styled to Fine Art, Solid Colors and of course their incredible theme backdrops. Each backdrop comes in a variety of sizes and a fabulous rod pocket for quick installation. Beautifully printed on gorgeous fabric, and so easy to look after and setup. I have several now and use them often.

Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System

Recommended by Brett Day | Read review | $84.96; available via B&H

The Lensbaby OMNI filter kit gives creators an easy way to add impressives flares and more into their images in camera. The unique holder attached to the front of your lenses and then you can add whatever modifier you wish to it to create one of a kind looks that will turn heads and make jaws hit the ground. Stop wasting time in Photoshop and get the looks you want in camera. Available in small and large sizes for bigger lenses.

Lume Cube Panel Go

Recommended by Rich Harrington | $99.99; available via Lume Cube

Need some extra light for a photo of video shoot? This panel is super easy to pack, runs cool to the touch and super portable. Plus you can even dial in the perfect color temperature from warm to cool and precisely refine the brightness. Whether you’re shooting video or stills, this combat light is a problem solver.


Recommended by the Photofocus Team | Read review | Bundles available via

Are you looking for the most versatile plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom Classic? LuminarAI offers a wealth of tools that solve problems, boost creativity and unlock hidden details in an image. Get the best price here.

Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack

Recommended by Brett Day | Read review | $99.99; available via B&H

Looking for a small, stylish backpack that will allow you to carry your camera and a few small primes while you’re out capturing life on the streets? Look no further than the Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack. This weather resistant bag is beautifully constructed, it’s well padded, it can hold your camera, a few lenses, a laptop or large tablet, and it can even be converted into a day bag! All of this for under $100! What’s not to love!


Recommended by Rich Harrington | $99.99/year; available via Mylio

This is a recent find for us. Mylio makes backing up your photos simple … and using the cloud is optional. Just add a vault hard drive, then start connecting all your computers, phones and tablets. Now all your images are backed up and you can sync between devices. Want to clean up a shoot, and metadata and ratings, or even pick your best shots on the go? It’s easy, and everything stays in perfect sync.

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Recommended by Jemma Pollari | Read review | $64.95; available via B&H

The elegant and strong Slide from Peak Design is the king of camera straps, in my opinion. Comfortable, easy to adjust, and flexible, it pairs beautifully with the Peak Design Clutch hand strap for perfect shooting comfort. The great thing about the Slide is that you can take it off the camera and put it on your gear bag in under two seconds with the Peak Design anchors. Cut the bulk and just carry one strap! 

Rode smartLav+ microphone

Recommended by Julie Powell | Read review | $60.42; available via B&H

I do quite a bit of recording with my smart phone and I love my Rode smartLav+ mic. Quick and easy to set up and has great audio, much better than the mic in my phone.

Sabrent 2-Port USB Type-C KVM Switch with 60 Watt Power Delivery Option

Recommended by Rich Harrington | $99.98; available via Amazon

If you ever need to connect two computers to the same monitor, keyboard and mouse, you need this. While KVM switches (keyboard/video/mouse) have been around for a long time, this one’s a snap. It also works with modern Macs and PCs via a single USB-C port. Plus you can even power your devices and seamlessly switch between computers with just a single button. The perfect way to be more productive.

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker (4-pack)

Recommended by Lauri Novak | $99.99; available via B&H

Find your mobile phone, camera, lenses or any other personal items that may get left lying around if you’re out on a photowalk or photoshoot. Using the Tile app or website to locate items is simple. They are designed to withstand everyday damage and are also dust and waterproof. It’s a great way to keep track of your possessions.