A beautiful backdrop can make or break a studio shoot. I used to buy the cheap ones online, which took forever to arrive, were really difficult to remove the wrinkles and folds, and didn’t last very long. What you save on buying them is quickly dissolved by how often they needed to be replaced.

Then I discovered Kate Backdrop (UK, DE). So beautiful, so versatile and so easy to look after. I own a few that I really like to use to create a unique look, other than simple black or white seamless paper backdrops.

Beautiful backdrops made easy

With a huge range of printed patterns, holidays themes and soft muted colors, there truly has to be something for everyone. They come in a large range of sizes — I have some large 3m x 3m, but also 1.5m x 1.5 as well.

They are beautifully printed on such lovely velvety fabric, which drapes wonderfully. Of course, you can hang them perfectly straight, but there is no way you can drape without a beautiful fabric.

Kate Backdrop drapes beautifully

Easy to look after

The backdrops arrive folded, but simply run through the washing machine and then the dryer, quick steam (and I do mean quick, not hours like the cheap vinyl ones) and you’re ready to go. You can clip them to a backdrop rig and pull tight for a solid look, like the blue panelled walls (I have two different ones). When you’re finished just neatly fold and store for next time.

When you need them again, you can either pop them in the drier for a few minutes with a damp cloth. You can also re-steam. I find if I hang them the night before, the wrinkles all fall out.

Simply hang and clip! Excuse the mess …

So versatile

One thing I really like about these backdrops is that they can be thrown in with your kit. Add a backdrop stand and use it on the go. They come with a handy rod pocket that most backdrop poles simply slide into. No need for clips unless you want to.

So much choice

I really only have a few, but I must say I adore the wall panels for staging a vintage look room. The soft grey, the vintage florals and the olive and gold are all divine. I am looking forward to having a look at some of their holiday-themed ones, for my Christmas photoshoots this year.

Learn more at the Kate Backdrop blog.