Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it! As our entire team gears up for Thanksgiving, we wanted to compile some of our favorite gifts for photographers this holiday season. Below are a few gift ideas that are valued between $101 and $250. Check out our complete gift guide and start shopping!

Platypod Ultra Compact Travel Bundle

Recommended by the Photofocus team

Ultra Compact Travel Bundle

Get all you need to get started with Platypod — a Platypod Ultra and Benro IN00 ball head — perfect for your next big trip around the world! You’ll get a multi-accessory kit for free as a part of the company’s Black Friday deals. On sale for $109; available via

Already have a Platypod? Check out the Accessorize Your Platypod bundle, which includes two LitraTorch 2.0 lights and a multi-accessory kit. You get a gooseneck set for free! Originally $239, on sale for just $209.

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AP Aluminum-Alloy Tripod Kit

Recommended by Bryan Esler

This has become my go-top tripod when photographing food. With a removable center column, I can easily hang my camera overhead (with a sand bag to weigh it down). I’ve also used this tripod for some quick panning shots for video. A great, stable tripod that you can rely on! $177.08; available via B&H.

Savage RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wand

Recommended by Rick Friedman

This is one of my favorite new pieces of lighting equipment! It is terrific for light painting!   I also use this light as a main light that give me great control over my light and as a hairline light that I can use any color. It’s a light source that gives you over 200 colors to choose from and you control it with an app on your phone. $159.99; available via B&H.

Nikon 35mm f/1.8

Recommended by Bryan Esler

When I had my Nikon D5100, the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens was my favorite lens to use. It provided a creamy bokeh look that was perfect when exploring, and gave great quality at a low price. $166.95; available via B&H.

Really Right Stuff L-Plate

Recommended by Lauri Novak

This is on my wish list. I’ve never had one and I know that I would likely use my tripod more if I did. An L plate allows for easier switching of your camera orientation from horizontal to vertical. It is also a more stable than most ball head options when using in the vertical position as it creates a larger contact point between camera and tripod. Various prices; available via B&H.

Sonos One

Recommended by Julie Powell

This one was on my wish last year. I love it, it is fabulous in the studio to help clients relax with some soothing music. It gets us pumped during shoots and is also wonderful during workshops and when I am working on my own. I love music and it helps get the creative juices flowing! $199; available via B&H.

Savage Collapsible 5’x7′ Backdrop

Recommended by Rick Friedman

I love working with this backdrop! It looks like the outside of my studio, in Boston, only I get to take the wall with me to locations. This backdrop is one of a series of pop up backdrops made by Savage. The set up time is seconds and it is supported by a single light stand.

For corporate portraits I have a faux gray and a faux blue collapsible backdrop. This is also available as a green screen, white, black and several other patterns. $170.99; available via B&H.

TrueTimber TrueSuede Down Parka and Pants

Recommended by Levi Sim

It’s amazing how quickly your body feels cold when you’re not moving, and if you’re photographing birds and animals, you’re probably not moving much at all. I’ve been using this set of camouflaged down clothes to keep me out shooting longer. They not only keep you warm but also help you stay quiet and concealed.

The TrueSuede fabric has a soft brushed exterior that keeps it from making noise and alerting your subject that you’re there. The Strata camo pattern is a good all-around camouflage that will help keep you concealed in all environments. $229.90 total; available via TrueTimber (pants | parka).

X-Rite Color Checker Passport Photo 2

Recommended by Kevin Ames

The ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is the reference every photographer needs to get accurate color balance and to refine exposures. It features two large reference patches one white and the other gray along with the world color standard 24-patch color target invented by X-Rite. The last page has creative patches for warming or cooling photos consistently in any RAW processor with a white balance tool. It includes free software for profiling digital cameras. Best of all it comes in a hinged, hard passport sized go-everywhere case. $119; available via X-Rite.

Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit

Recommended by Julie Powell

If you are looking for something a little more substantial I cannot recommend these lights enough. I purchased a set (and would LOVE another) for the studio, and have probably had many friends and students buy them once using mine and seeing them in action, they are fabulous! $155.99; available via Amazon.

PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

Recommended by Rick Friedman

My description of work with a PocketWizard is “It just works every time!” When you are on assignment, this is what you need. This radio will work at a longer distance than most other radios and if that is not enough, you can use as a repeater. I use it to fire remote cameras as well as strobes. It has 32 channels and a High Speed setting that will trigger cameras and flashes up to 14.5 frames per second (if your flash will do that).

If you are going to use this with speedlights, try the Plus VI. It’s the same unit with a hot shoe. I do connect Plus III to speedlights, but it requires cables. $135; available via B&H.

Impact Pro Backdrop Support Kit

Recommended by Bryan Esler

This background stand is lightweight and can be setup in a hurry! Coming with heavy-duty stands, the backdrop pole slides to different variable lengths, all in one piece. No more messing around with putting together multiple pieces for your backdrop pole! $224.95; available via B&H.

Godox SL-60 LED Video Light

Recommended by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

The Godox SL-60 is an amazing daylight balanced LED light with a Bowens mount, so you can attach practically any light modifier. Use it for stills or video and you’ll thank me later. $134; available via B&H.

Luxli Viola-2 On Camera RGBAW LED Kit

Recommended by Kevin Ames

LED lights are becoming vital for DSLR/Mirrorless video. This versatile light has variable brightness from 0% to 100% as well as a full range of color temperatures from 3000ºK-10,000ºK along with special effects and a full range of built in gel colors. $239.95; available via B&H.

Nissin i60A Flash

Recommended by Rick Friedman

This is a terrific light weight compact speedlight deigned to work with mirrorless cameras. I use mine with my Sony. The i60 has a built in receiver to work off camera. With the Nissin Air 1 transmitter on the camera the flash will either on TTL or manual. $249; available via B&H.