Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing the result of your vision, your work in a print. What is it like to create a GIGANTIC multi-panel print for a client? Absolutely mind-blowing! Here’s my experience of hanging a 20-by-7 foot print in a gym!

A gigantic print project

A couple of months ago, Photofocus, Xpozer and I partnered up for an ambitious project. We wanted to create a very — VERY — big multi-panel print for one of my clients, Tonic CrossFit (one of the largest gyms in the city).

After discussing many possibilities with Gabriel, the owner, we decided to create a large composite that would be printed on six 40-by-80 inch panels. This montage was to represent the gym’s community as well as enhance the decoration of the room.

The wall

The main reason why we wanted — and needed — to go that big is that the wall we chose to hang the print on was 32 feet wide and 20 feet high. Gabriel had a vision: A black and white composite with the red logo in the center that would gradually fade into black to create visual fusion into the wall.

The hanging process

I have to say, I was VERY glad qualified men took charge of the hanging process for this project. Why? Well … let me just show you.

It took three hours, a Skyjack scissor lift and about two and a half people: Two competent men and myself. I count for a half since I was pretty much just hanging around taking pictures and handing them panels once in a while. (If you’re thinking there was no way I could’ve done it by myself, YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT.)

The result!

I am beyond excited about the result. Gabriel and his employee Willy did a tremendous job — and showed how they were truly trained for the unpredictable by perfectly hanging the gigantic panels. The print stands out in the middle of the black wall and looks amazing!

The first thing that comes to my mind is to trust your client’s vision. They are the best placed to know what fits best their environment. Make sure you really understand their needs and that your concept matches theirs. That alone could save you many hours of work!

This printing project was my biggest to this day and I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I am extremely pleased with the print’s quality and the overall result. I hope this artwork will make the gym and its members proud of what they achieve every day.

Thank you Xpozer for this great opportunity and for the amazing help you’ve provided us all along the way! Thanks also to Gabriel for your confidence, your patience and your vision!