The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week we looked at how to find a photographic voice, gave a first look at the new Datacolor SpyderX Elite, went back in time to talk about capturing Hank Aaron’s historic home run, processed tones in our landscapes using Perfectly Clear and dove into Adobe’s most recent photographic trend.

Finding my photographic voice - (Editor’s note: Dave DeBaeremaeker photographs toys. His work is amazing and, believable. In this guest post, Dave shares the experiences of how he found his photographic voice and how you can too.) To me, photography is a creative endeavor. A way to express myself thru an image, and I want my images to speak to […]
Datacolor SpyderX Elite review and installation guide - Datacolor contacted me a few months ago about a new color calibration product they were releasing. After meeting with their PR team over a conference call, they sent me a pre-release SpyderX Elite calibration system to test. They did not compensate me for this review, nor do they expect anything specific in return. I’ve written […]
Atlanta photographer Ron Sherman's photograph of Hank Aaron rounding the bases after breaking Babe Ruth's home run record with number 715. Photographing Hank Aaron’s 715th homer - (Editor’s note: In this guest post, Atlanta photographer, Ron Sherman, recounts his Baseball Hall of Fame photo of Hank Aaron rounding the bases after hitting home run number 715 breaking Babe Ruth’s long-standing record.) The record breaker and friends On April 8, 1974, on a freelance assignment for United Press International, I was one of more […]
Back to nature trends - There’s a great piece by Adobe on their blog about visual trends, “Natural Instincts: Finding Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness on Planet Earth.” Unless you’re living under a rock (which may actually be a good thing) you’re aware of the back to nature, connecting with earth trend that is making an appearance in just about […]
Perfecting the tones in your landscapes, or step #1 in finishing landscapes - You’ve got your foreground element, you’ve got your rule of thirds, and you’ve got striking light on your subject. Everything is looking good for you to have a terrific landscape photograph that you’ll be proud of. But, as has always been the case in photography, your work has just begun: You still need to finish […]