This week, Scott Wyden Kivowitz kicked things off, giving us three photography challenges to do while we’re at home. Then, Bryan Esler had an interview with Adobe’s Sharad Mangalick, talking about the state of Lightroom.

Lauri Novak told us how to create opportunity through mistakes, while Andrew Ford walked us through the benefits of monitor calibration. Julie Powell told us how to fix portrait blemishes in less than 30 seconds, and finally, Vanelli talked with metal printing expert Mirza Izic.

Challenge your photography skills while stuck at home Challenge your photography skills while stuck at home - Sure we are mostly stuck at home during this pandemic, doing our part to stay healthy and let the medical professionals and scientists find a
Exclusive: Discussing a pro workflow for Adobe Lightroom - I’ve long been intrigued by the Adobe Lightroom product. While it’s often seen as the younger brother to its sibling, Lightroom Classic, “new” Lightroom does
Underexposed image Creating opportunity with mistakes and experiments in photography - Has this happened to you? You go out, take some shots, look at your screen and think oh no! You either forgot to change your
When colors go bad, the first fix is monitor calibration - Over time, the colors that monitors produce can change ever so subtly. Yes, even LED monitors. It is easier to recognize on multiple monitor setups
How to deal with portrait blemishes in less than 30 seconds - Are you one of those portrait photographers who want to get in and get out real quick when it comes to editing? Not everyone wants
InFocus Interview Show: How to get the most out of metal printing with industry expert Mirza Izic - My guest is the general manager of the premiere metal printing and project management company Image Wizards, Mirza Izic. Mirza has a unique task not

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