Sure we are mostly stuck at home during this pandemic, doing our part to stay healthy and let the medical professionals and scientists find a way to fight the virus. But that does not mean your photography skills have to suffer.

If you challenge yourself once a day or even once a week, by completing a task of some sort, that will be good for your creative mind. That is why I have put together three simple challenges for you.

You can take as little or as much time as you want to complete them. But when you do, be sure to share the results with us on the Photofocus Flickr or Facebook groups!

I’ll also have more challenges to come; be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.

Apple macro challenge

Grab a macro lens if you have one, but if you do not then grab whatever lens you have. Position the apple however you want and photograph it. Make some edits and then share it with the world. Try to be creative with composition or placement or lighting.

Hashtag: #applechallenge

Handheld challenge

Grab your longest lens and put it on your camera. If your camera or lens has image stabilizer or vibration reduction, then turn it on. Photograph an object from a long distance, at the longest focal length your lens offers.

Keep the ISO low so you rely on your steadiness and the stabilizer. Then bump the ISO up and photograph the same object with better shutter speed. This challenge will help you learn about your limitations with long lengths and shutter speeds as well as the benefits of good exposure.

Hashtag: #handheldchallenge

Odd angle challenge

While you’re stuck at home and unable to go to many places, try a new photo challenge to work on your photography skills. In this video, I challenge you to use an odd angle and capture something unique with your camera and super-wide lens. Ideally, you need something wider than 20mm (if you’re using a full-frame sensor) in order to do this challenge.

Lead photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash