After a week full of Black Friday and other holiday deals, we kicked off December with some great content to enhance your photography this winter!

With the holiday season officially underway, Julie Powell kicked off this week by showing us how to add bokeh to our Christmas images. Bryan Esler told us about how to get around the storage limits of photos on your iPhone, while Michele Grenier told us about a conceptual photoshoot with fellow photographer Daniel Mallard. Levi Sim walked us through a solution to going through and editing hundreds of photographs, and finally, Nate Torres gave us some great professional Instagram tips.

Throughout the next week, we have a TON of holiday-centric content for you, so stay tuned!

Creating bokeh to add a Christmas feel to your images - Creating bokeh to add a Christmas feel to your images is a great way to add interest and bring the holiday spirit to life! It can be done in-camera with some simple LED lights held in front of the lens. In-camera bokeh There are a few different ways to achieve a similar result. Set your […]
Photos taking up too much space on your iPhone? - As iPhone users, we’ve had it pretty good over the years. Watching Steve Jobs take that stage to announce the very first iPhone was a mind-blowing experience. But as good as the iPhone is, 12 years later, we’re still dealing with some nagging usability issues. One of those is the lack of storage. While I […]
Portrait Tips: The solution to the Cuteness Zone - “1200 pictures??? How is that even possible …?” You’ve said that to yourself after a shoot, right? There’s a certain sense of dread associated with it. “She’s a newborn; she didn’t even change poses!” But it happens to all of us. You get into that cuteness zone where you can’t make a bad picture and […]
how to take good instagram photos How to take good Instagram photos: Secret professional tips - In this post, I will be showing you how to take good Instagram photos. In fact, these are the same tips I follow that have helped me grow my Instagram account in just a few months. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that a nice looking photo on Instagram can instantly capture […]
Conceptual Creativity with Dan: A bed of roses - This new Conceptual Creativity series is a collaboration with my friend Daniel Mallard. Dan has been a photojournalist for a major Canadian daily newspaper for over 35 years. In this “Bed of Roses” edition, he is teaching (me and you) valuable tips and techniques on how to unleash our creativity to create state of the […]

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