It’s been a great week here on Photofocus. Here’s a review of some of our posts. A camera/printer combo fun package from Canon is reviewed by Mike Hagen, Vanelli has two articles in the WW-U — cloud storage vs. backup and using “Quick Edit” in Luminar. Scott Wyden Kivowitz gets a bit zen writing about what to do during really long time exposures then, Levi Sim urges us to shoot more portraits to learn their stories.

Having fun with the Canon IVY Cliq+ camera and printer - Photography should be fun. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to test out this new Canon IVY Cliq+ camera that is also a printer. Both my daughter and I put it through its paces to see if it meets the “fun” criteria. The answer? Yes! I asked my daughter to take the camera […]
The difference between cloud storage and cloud backup - A successful 3-2-1 Backup Plan (Three copies of your data: Two stored locally, one stored offsite) includes one copy of your data stored offsite preferably in the cloud. This has led to confusion between cloud storage and cloud backup. Here’s the difference between the two and why you should consider using cloud backup as part […]
Featured image- Open process and manage image using Luminars Quick Edit command Open, process and manage images using Luminar’s Quick Edit command - Luminar has a really cool Quick Edit command that lets you edit a single image or several images, but not add or import them into your library. This is great in situations where someone wants you to develop a few of their photos or even when you have a photo you want to quickly process, […]
What photographers should do when waiting for a long exposure to finish What photographers should do when waiting for a long exposure to finish - I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there. You’re at the scene, camera set up, exposure time determined and you push the shutter button on the camera or your cable release. Now you wait … And wait … Still waiting … The light is so perfect with the purples and pinks and oranges […]
Portraits precipitate stories; make more of both - I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You need to make more portraits. Portraits don’t have to be formal affairs with special lights and special clothes and special occasions. They can be those things, but they should also be spur of the moment, occasion-marking, memory-making experiences. Make a portrait to precipitate a story […]