This week, Bryan Esler kicked things off by showcasing how to take long exposures on your phone, while Ken Lee gave us five tips for night photographers. Jeremy Gray walked us through focus stacking for landscapes, Julie Powell showed us six photography projects to do from home and Vanelli explained how to remove shine from a portrait.

Mobile Mondays: Capturing a long exposure on your phone - (Editor’s note: Welcome to Mobile Mondays. In this new column, we’re going to show you some great ways to further you photography with the camera you always have with you — your smartphone.) As we’re out and about, we might not always have our cameras with us. But that shouldn’t stop us from capturing something […]
Five tips all night photographers should know - (Editor’s Note: We welcome night photographer Ken Lee to Photofocus. He’s an expert at capturing the night sky, driving hours in a dusty car listening to weird music, staying out all night to create photos and hang out with other creative sleep-deprived weirdos. He loves seeing the stars drift across the sky, and always finds […]
The major pros and cons of focus stacking for landscapes - When you think about focus stacking, your mind likely goes to macro photography. When photographing close-ups, you can use focus stacking to create a tack-sharp image from front to back. This is especially important when doing macro work, because the depth of field is so thin that it’s impossible in most cases to get the […]
Six photography projects to do from home - Going a bit stir crazy in self-isolation? Looking for some fun activities to burn through the hours? How about trying your hand at some of these, especially if they are out of your comfort zone. If you normally photograph landscapes or people, these might just be the fun diversion you are looking for, and there […]
What causes shine on a portrait and how to fix it - A beautiful portrait is easily ruined with excessive shine on the subject’s forehead, usually caused by a beauty dish. Knowing where to position the beauty dish will fix this problem. Here’s how to fix shine on a portrait before or after the photo is taken. How to position a beauty dish to avoid shine When […]

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