This week, Lauri Novak showed us how to get creative at home, while Levi Sim reviewed the Fuji X-Pro3. Bob Coates taught us techniques for water droplet photography and James Maher told us best practices to avoid people while taking street photography. Finally, Kristina Sherk taught us how to use Photoshop Actions to edit a portrait’s eyes, and Michele Grenier walked us through making custom prints for a gym.

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seashells macro Getting creative with your photography at home - I’ve had these shells in my office for almost a year. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling inspired to photograph them. Several months ago,
A too-short look at the new Fuji X-Pro3 - Fuji cameras have always intrigued me. A long time ago, one of my first students had a Fuji Finepix S3, which was housed in a
Have downtime? Try out water droplet photography - With photographers dealing with client cancellations, now is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Play with your photography! I recommend a session or
Street Photography in Quiet Areas How to take street photographs while avoiding people and crowds - With everything going on in the world, it’s a tough time to want to get in the middle of busy and chaotic crowds. But that
Make your portrait’s eyes pop with Photoshop Actions - Photoshop Actions can really help to speed up your workflow, especially when dealing with portraits. Even if your subjects have different colored eyes, you can
Huge print Xpozer in a gym Custom made prints of my photos in a gym - I’ve always wanted to display custom made prints of my photos in a gym. That dream recently became a reality with a very cool project!

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