This week, Michele Grenier kicked things off by showing us the power of Excire Foto, while Julie Powell reviewed the OneMo backpack.

Lauri Novak gave us inspiration by talking about photo challenges, Bryan Esler told us why it’s time for camera makers to embrace the smartphone and finally, Kevin Ames reviewed the new Torpedo LED lights from Genaray.

How to find the pictures you’re looking for, with Excire Foto - Are you wasting time trying to find specific images? Excire Search provides the solution to find the pictures you're looking for! Here's how it works.
Have boots and bag will travel: The OneMo backpack - If you’re pretty serious about your camera gear, at some stage you’ll probably find yourself getting pretty serious about your camera bags (plural). There just never seems to be the perfect bag for every situation … or is there? I was recently asked to check out the OneMo from PGYTech. This seemingly incredible backpack reminds […]
Improve your photography by taking part in challenges - I’m sure you’ve seen them around on social media — the daily, weekly and monthly photography challenges that are out there. These challenges can be a great way to help you improve your photography. How? Focus on one subject By concentrating your efforts on a theme, you’ll spend your time thinking about and working on […]
It’s time for camera makers to embrace the smartphone - When Olympus announced its intention to sell its camera division last month, a lot of people were quick to blame smartphones. Specifically, the fact that people thought that phones were “good enough” in terms of being able to produce a photograph. But what makes me scratch my head even more is why no camera company […]
Torpedos ready! New focusing bi-color LED lights from Genaray A look at the Torpedo — new focusing bi-color LED lights from Genaray - Genaray’s new BLT-60B portable focusing bi-color LED lights are the bomb, er … make that the torpedo. The slick retro-spaceship design is great looking and it packs a lot of features including a choice of battery or AC power. These lights are great for product and portrait shots, too! B&H sent me a kit of […]

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