This week, Kevin Ames kicked things off by telling us how and when to slim faces in portraits, while Susan Kanfer gave us insight on how to best sell stock photographs. Jeremy Gray told us where the Nikon Z system is headed, Lauri Novak told us how to catch up on our photo editing and finally, Bryan Esler gave us insight into the best ways to capture history.

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Face slimming when and why Slimming faces: When and why - Slimming faces starts at the camera by lighting the thin side of the subject while letting the thicker side slip into shadow. For jowls, a high camera angle with the subject’s chin up works wonders. After using these techniques, slimming, when absolutely necessary, happens at the computer. Faces aren’t the same on both sides We […]
Stock photography best practices - Success as a stock photographer takes hard work, strategy and patience. Understanding how to create marketable imagery with appropriate metadata is key. Metadata helps buyers find you. Marketable images consistently resell, improving overall revenues. My stock photography experiences I have a relatively small stock photography portfolio of about 1,500 images, and haven’t added to the […]
The state of the Nikon Z system, part four: Where the system is headed - In my first two articles discussing the Nikon Z system, I focused first on the three available cameras and then gave brief overviews of each available native Nikkor Z lens (prime lenses overview and zoom lenses overview). With that said, for customers looking to buy a Nikon Z mirrorless camera, what matters is not only […]
black and white architecture photo Taking time to catch up on your photo editing - I don’t know about you but I have quite a large backlog of images I’ve never really culled and/or edited. I get home from a trip or other photo outing and do a quick scan through, pick out a few images that jump out at me, edit those, post on social or upload to my […]
Effective ways to capture history - Businesses are shut down, restaurants are only available for takeout and it seems like the world has hit the pause button. People are staying at home, and for good reason. But as a photographer who specializes in capturing the moment — namely corporate and community events — I thought it was important to capture what […]

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