With summer winding down and the kids going back to school, the team at Photofocus brought some really unique articles this week to get your creativity juices flowing!

We hope you had a great week! This week at Photofocus, Julie Powell told us about 10 alternatives to photographing on a white background, Jason Hahn discussed which aspect ratios work best for wildlife photography and Serge Ramelli took us behind his journey in editing landscapes in Lightroom Classic. Also this week, Giulio Sciorio concluded his two-part series on Lightroom tips and Levi Sim talked to us about the mindset behind family portraits. It was a great week for us, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store next week!

On Nature: Wildlife photography and aspect ratios - With wildlife, many photographers try to get closer and closer to completely fill the frame with whatever animal they are photographing. Beyond the potential dangers to yourself and stress to the creature, it also limits how you can display your image. While the welfare of yourself and your subject are the primary concern, the desire […]
I wish I knew this when I started editing landscapes in Lightroom Classic - (Editor’s Note: Photofocus is proud to welcome Serge Ramelli to Photofocus. Be sure to check out his free master class and bonus toolkit.) Want to follow along? Click here to get the RAW files Here is a  series of tips and tricks I wish I knew when I started editing my landscape photos in Lightroom. […]
10 Lightroom tips you MUST know — desktop and mobile, part two - (Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome this guest post from Giulio Sciorio. Giulio is one of the first professional photographers to move from DSLR’s to mirrorless in 2010 choosing micro four-thirds as his preferred camera system and has worked with both Olympus and Panasonic to inspire thousands of photographers worldwide. Additionally, while Giulio’s vision for […]
Portrait Tips: “It’s not about you!” - This is about mindset. Somehow, late in the last century, folks became worried about how they looked in photos. People my grandparents’ and parents’ ages were very concerned about how they looked. It trickled down into my generation, too. Kids this century have less issue with the minutiae of pictures — maybe it’s because they […]
10 alternatives to a white background - When it comes to still life and even portrait photography, the temptation to use a plain white (or even plain black) background is there. It is simple, effective and uncluttered. But what about looking at some alternatives? Below I look at 10 alternatives to a white background. Doors Doors aren’t just for keeping you out […]