Go outside, not this very moment. I’d like you to finish this video, but today, even if it’s raining or cold, go outside and experience the world. You need to get new views. 

Physical benefits

There are physical benefits here. Fresh air, exercise, the ability to get some sunlight. Chances are you need more vitamin D. Just ask your doctor at your next physical. It’s incredible how many people don’t get enough sunlight.


While you’re out there, this is a chance for reflection, or really finding some tranquility, soak up nature, take a walk, experience the wilderness. Even just a walk in a park can be helpful.


Exploration is also crucial to new ideas, a chance to get out there, see things, explore the world. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world a lot, and I’m amazed at how different the different areas of our world are. From deserts to oceans to mountains, to forests. There’s so much variety, and you need to get out there and experience it to realize you’re a part of a bigger world.

Photography and video

Feeling stuck in a rut. Take a trip, not sure what to do for the day. Just go out and shoot nature, capturing images. Try to do something different and experience nature, and it’s going to really unlock things for you. And I really believe this. I spend at least one weekend a month camping and two to three weeks a year at summer camps with my kids traveling, doing high adventure. These sorts of activities are wonderful and get you outdoors. 

Can’t wait for the rest?

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