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Portrait Tips: Just get in the water!

I recently moved back to Cache Valley, UT, which is where I started my photography business 12 years ago. It was incredibly satisfying to receive calls for portraits from clients

What is your WHY for photography?

Fellow Photofocus author Lauri Novak recently wrote a post about asking for critique on images and it kind of got me thinking. What is your WHY for photography? Have you

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Are you creating for yourself?

How much time do you spend creating for yourself? If you are running a photography business, my guess is the answer is not much or not as much as you’d

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 29

It would be best if you acknowledged ignorance, and I don’t mean to acknowledge the people that you find difficult or tell people they’re ignorant on Facebook. What I mean

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 28

Creativity goes hand in hand with copyright. It’s the foundation for everything that we do. You need to understand copyright, and nothing is more critical to your success longterm than

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 26

Every video and photo job can benefit from the practice of project management. It lets you take control.  Formal study There’s a lot of great books and video courses available

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 24

Here’s a piece of technical advice. Invest in lenses. Good glass lasts a long time. I see people continually churning and buying new camera bodies when what they should be

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 22

Embrace automation. Almost every software tool has batch processing or batch automation. I get paid for results these days, not how many hours I work. So it’s all about speed. 

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 16

Here’s one that I always tell folks. Go to museums, learn from the past and experience the future. What’s excellent about museums is you can really open your eyes.  Two

New Year resolutions for creatives | Day 15

Go to a conference, you’re going to learn new things and open new doors. What I like about conferences is you learn new skills. Learn new skills You can’t “not”

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