I have loved Platypod from the very beginning. In fact, up until recently, it was my only tripod of sorts. I couldn’t even afford a tripod so I used my Platypod everywhere. I honestly didn’t need anything else.

I was excited to use the Platypod Max on a TV show I was invited to be on to discuss my expertise in shooting night sky photos. What better way to showcase one of my already favorite tools on an international level?

The day before shooting we were scouting locations and I didn’t bother taking any BTS as the BTS I wanted would include the camera crews and host. Instead, I focused on locations and the milky way.  Here’s a couple of those images I took using the Platypod. It’s so nice to get a low angle under a Joshua tree with the milky way. Tripods are a lot tricker when getting super low. That’s a fact.


The next day as we were setting up for some sunset images, our VR guy was struggling with his monopod on some rocks. He couldn’t get a solid stand.  I then offered to let him borrow the Platypod and it worked brilliantly for his coverage. He used the Platypod for the remainder of the shoot. You’ve just got use the best-suited tool for the needs of the shoot. So I may not have had a chance to showcase what I was using the Platypod for but I did help contribute to the betterment of the production. Here’s some of the BTS from the VR camera operator.


As you can see, there are so many uses for this tool. My favorite is having it in my backpack and not having to carry a tripod. I LOVE that aspect of it. It’s the type of tool that helps inspire creativity. Those are the tools I always want with me.

For more information about the TV show, visit Photo Number 6 here: http://photonumber6.com/