Happy New Year! Introducing a new series from our publisher, Rich Harrington. He wants to challenge you to make bigger New Year resolutions for a more successful year.

A new year is upon us and I had some creative ideas that I wanted to share or more appropriately some practical ideas for creative people (or resolutions if you prefer). I spent a lot of 2019 talking to folks at conferences, events through our websites that we run, and I constantly heard from creative professionals and aspiring professionals how they were struggling. Artists who just couldn’t find new inspiration and people who were feeling the economic crunch or questioning whether they should change careers.

Thirty-one ideas for a great year!

Well, I sat down and tried to think up some of the most practical advice that I can offer so you could have a more successful and a more creative new year. So let’s jump in and start to explore these.

Technology is a big part of the problem

Now, one of the things that stands out to me is that it has really become obvious that technology is getting in the way. Those of you who know me may find this statement kind of odd because I work with a lot of tech. I love technology and I think it is a great tool, but Einstein wasn’t too far off here when he said that technology has exceeded our humanity and what this is really leading to is that we have to find balance. Our tools are there to serve us. If your tools are getting in the way or you don’t feel comfortable with them, you lack the technical knowledge, then it’s impeding your creativity and don’t just do something because the tool can do it. Find a reason and find something that you want to create.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity – Albert Einstein | New Year reoslutions

Keep in mind, I really like technology. I find it incredibly useful, but technology is not always going to be the answer. While I’m well known for recording technical videos about how to do things with different software applications or with your camera for photography or video, today we’re going to talk about technology that much. There’s some technology woven in here, but there’s a lot of practical advice about business, about life and about creativity. So technology is not the answer. Really. Technology is just another word for tool, and as an artist or a creative person, you need to use as many tools as possible to unlock your creativity, to capture it and to share what’s beautiful in your mind.

Change is the ONLY constant - New Year Resolutions

Dig in and set goals

You have to choose though what’s right for you, and that’s why I’m going to offer you 31 different ideas. The first month of the new year has 31 days so that you can consider one of these on each day. I’ll release this video all at once, and I’m also going to release it in little daily snippets because a lot of creative folks don’t have the attention span to make it through the entire video in one sitting, but ultimately you have to decide which of these ideas work for you and make some real-world changes. If you want to thrive and grow.

I know this is long, but it is genuine and helpful. Try and listen and then create your own New Year resolutions.

Here are 31 things that I think you can do for a more successful 2020. I want you to make a change and implement at least 10 of these in the first quarter and there’s no cheating if you’ve already done some of these, pick ten new ones.

Please share your thoughts and the comments below. What are your New Year resolutions?

And here’s a hint. I have a gift for you if you watch it to the end.

Free Prize Inside | New Year Resolutions