With over 400 million users, Instagram is one of the top social networks for images and short-form videos. Since it’s beginning, Instagram has always shown new posts chronologically. But Instagram is looking to change that and they’re currently testing a new algorithm that will filter your news feed to see only the best images when you launch the app.

The content creators, brand, and celebrities using Instagram are verbally opposed to this change that would let Instagram choose what posts its users see and don’t see. Really though, this isn’t a new concept…Facebook (the parent company of Instagram) and Twitter already do this. Like the others, Instagram will likely offer the option to promote or sponsor a post to extend its reach.

Turn on Notifications

As news of the new algorithm spread, Instagram users launched campaigns to get their followers to Turn on Notifications that will alert them of new posts. Similar to “liking” a page on Facebook, this will ultimately keep you up-to-date on new posts by your favorite Instagram-ers.

With all the panic of a new algorithm, Instagram sent out a tweet letting everybody know it hasn’t been publicly released yet and is still under development.

Press-and-Hold Viewing

Even if you’ve got an large-screen phone like the iPhone 6s Plus or the Samsung Note, the images in a grid on a profile page can be pretty small. Instead of clicking and loading a full-page for each image, you can press-and-hold on the image to get a full-page preview. It’s so much nicer (and easier) to browse through images this way.

Also, while you press-and-hold, push the image up to be able to Like, Comment, or Send as a Message.

Extended 60 Second Video

I know we’re photo-focused here (pun intended), but videos are a great way to market your photography business. In the past, Instagram videos were capped at 15-seconds. This ensured they loaded quickly and integrated well with the user experience. Aside from unlimited-length content, 60 seconds is the longest time limit we’ve seen to date on social networks. Vine is still capped at 6 seconds…Snapchat is capped at 10 seconds…Twitter is capped at 30 seconds.

Longer video on Instagram begins rolling out this week and will slowly be available for everybody in the next few months.

Multi-Clip Video

Didn’t shoot one long video to upload? That’s okay…Instagram will let you join multiple clips together when you’re creating your post. You don’t have to shoot a video in one take or export the clips to video editing software. You’ll be able to do it right from inside the app. This will only be available on the iOS version of the app and is rolling out in an update this week.

You can download Instagram for iOS here and Android here.