Sound Bites Grill in Sedona is great long-term client. I have been creating their advertising and marketing images since before they opened their doors about seven years ago. When you have a customer such as this it’s always good to provide a little extra.

Say thank you

Father and son, Robin Miller and Eric Miller, perform at Sound Bites Grill

Some businesses send gifts to their solid clients. I often work social media to show my work. At this time I try to promote my clients outside of regular channels. One way is to send out Instagram and Facebook posts and tag the business and the performers. As a result, Sound Bites Grill gets some promotion and I get to share my work.

Make it easy

This process doesn’t have to be a complicated shoot and production.

Instagram posts sent out promoting Sound Bites

My wife and I went for dinner and to listen to a couple of our favorite musicians. I brought my camera along and grabbed a few different shots. I spend a few extra minutes to process and post the images. They get exposure and links to their website.


I believe this kind of thank you is a win-win for everyone. Think about what can you do to reward your clients each year. I’ve shared one of my ideas here. If you have done or have some other thoughts please share with me.

Yours in Creative Photography (and marketing), Bob

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PPS — Happy holidays to you and yours!