The LR/Instagram plug-in is a great addition to your Lightroom Publishing Services.When you post an image from Lightroom to Instagram, the plug-in keeps the images in sync. If you modify the image, change the caption or decide you want to remove it from the catalog, the plug-in will send those changes to Instagram. Pretty cool! Here’s how to install it.

Installing the Lightroom to Instagram Plug-in

Step 1: Download LRInstagram plugin: If you haven’t organized your Lightroom’s plug-in folder, now maybe a good time to do that. It’s best to store all Lightroom plug-ins in a folder outside of Lightroom. Extract the zip file to this folder.

Step 2: Launch Lightroom and select Plug-in Manager from the File menu. Click Add, navigate to your Lightroom’s plug-in folder and select the LR/Instagram plugin. Click Select Folder.

Step 3: (Optional) The LR/Instagram plug-in is shareware. You are welcome to use for free. If you would like to make a donation to the author, you can do so through PayPal.

Step 4: Click Done to return to Lightroom. LR/Instagram has been added to your Publish Services. Click Setup next to the new plug-in.

Step 5: Input your Instagram username and password. A successful login will show your Instagram name. From the Instagram Caption dropdown menu, select the information you want to appear on Instagram. I chose Caption #Hashtag. Click Save when finished.

Lightroom is now connected to your Instagram account. Select images you want to post to Instagram and drag them on top of the LR/Instagram panel.

Adding a Caption and HashTags

Select an image you want to add a caption and hashtag to. From the Metadata dropdown menu in the Library module, select LR/Instagram. Write a caption just like you would on Instagram. Add a Hashtag if you wish. Click Publish to post the image to Instagram.

The team at Capture Monkey has done a great job developing this plug-in. As photographers, we no longer have to send our edited images to our phone so we can post them on Instagram.