Ever wonder how people were making an Instagram grid photo piece on Instagram? Using Photoshop, you can create 1×3, 2×3, 3×3 and other multiple format layouts. Here’s how to get started.

1. Resize your photo to an exact ratio

The first step is to resize perfectly your photo. This will allow you to precisely place a guide.

A single-row grid on Instagram — which means one picture high by three pictures wide — is a 3:1 ratio. A two-row high grid is 3:2. A three-row high grid (which creates a huge square) is 3:3.

Tip: The grid can’t be larger than three pictures — this is Instagram’s maximum width. I suggest picking a height that is equal to or less than four in order to make your image entirely visible without having to scroll your feed.

Instagram Feed
A photo cropped with a 3:2 ratio.

2. Create a New Guide Layout in Photoshop

Go to Photoshop‘s View menu and click on New Guide Layout …

Get rid of all the Margins values (if there are any) and fill only the Columns and Rows numbers.

To create a 3:1 grid, enter 3 under the Columns Number and 1 under the Rows Number. This creates three perfect squares.

To create a 3:2 grid, enter 3 under the Columns Number and 2 under the Rows Number. This creates six perfect squares.

To create a 3:3 grid, enter 3 under the Columns Number and 3 under the Rows Number. This creates nine perfect squares.

To simplify the process, be sure to save this guide layout as a preset to have it ready for a future purpose.

3. Save the photo as grid pieces

Pick the crop tool and enter a 1:1 (Square) ratio.

Instagram grid

For more convenience, make sure the Snap tool is enabled (you can find it under View > Snap).

The Delete Cropped Pixels box should be unchecked, otherwise this will permanently delete the rest of your photo.

Make sure the Delete Cropped Pixels box is unchecked.

Crop and save each square separately, following the Guide Layout. Each one of them corresponds to a frame in your Instagram grid. The correct order is from right to left, starting at the bottom right frame and finishing at the top left one.

Instagram grid layout

Tip: To avoid mistakes uploading on Instagram, try numbering your files in order.

Upload the grid’s pieces of your photo to Instagram

Start with the bottom right one (numbered as “1”), keep uploading all your files in numerical order. Once done, double-check your grid on your Instagram account to make sure everything is perfectly laid out.

And there you have it — a very cool Instagram grid photo on feed made with Photoshop! I’ve been using this technique for my sports photography for the last year or so and I’ve got great comments on my account. I hope this will help you showcase your amazing work as well!