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Photography Marketing: A world without likes

At Facebook’s F8 developer conference last week, the company confirmed what had been rumored the past few weeks. Instagram “Likes” may very well be going by the wayside. That’s right

Remembering 2018

With the new year just hours away, we thought it’d be fun to recap 2018. Between covering the full-frame mirrorless trends, photography conferences like WPPI and PhotoPlus, reviewing the latest

Heartening statistics about photography use

I found this infographic heartening because I’m always hearing about the devaluation of photography. But, according to this, it sounds like photos and images are still the most important tool for

Quick tips for making an Instagram story

Whether you want to share fun and lighthearted content with family and friends or promote your business, you can do it all with Instagram stores. Here are 4 quick tips

How to create a Instagram story

One of my sweet friends recently got an Instagram account and I know what you are thinking. I said the same thing, but she asked if I could help her