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Travel Tip – Media Bag Tags

I travel for work – a lot. One of the coolest travel tricks I use came from fellow Photofocus author Doug Daulton. Every time I’d check a bag, I’d fill

Making Fall Colors Pop in Lightroom

Sometimes what you see and what your camera sees are very different. This was the case on a recent fall foliage hike I took a few weeks ago. It can

iOS 11 Photos – A New Image Format?

In the past few days since Apple’s keynote at WWDC June 5th, a bunch of articles have popped up around the web about a new image format coming to iOS.

Moving into 360-Degree Cameras

Camera technology is constantly changing and it’s about to the point where we’re wondering. . . What do we want next? We have ultra-high megapixel digital cameras like the Canon

Cheating Blue Skies in Lightroom

We all know that there’s a right way to do things and a “cheating” way, but it doesn’t matter which one you use as long as the end result is

Caffeine – One of my Favorite Apps for Mac

I frequently find myself walking away from my iMac when batch exporting images from Lightroom or rendering video. Before walking away, I want to make sure the computer doesn’t go

Photographer of the Day: Vanelli

Category: Sports Photograph: Florida Tech Lacrosse by Vanelli Editor’s note: Nick Minore has done a great job as the curator of the Sports category for the Photofocus Photographer of the Day feature.

Photographer of the Day: Christoph

Category: Sports Photograph: yet another biker (y.a.b.) by Christop (Watcher/124 on Flickr) Christoph shot a great image of a biker using his Fuji X-T1. I really like how he panned the image

Photographer of the Day: Nic Taylor

Category: Architecture Photograph: One Kemble Street There are so many different ways to photograph architecture, and I really love getting in close and creating something abstract out of something very real.

Photographer of the Day: monoauge

Category: Architecture Photograph: Stairway This is a very interesting composition…there’s a mix of architecture and portraiture. I love how the beams and stairs criss-cross throughout the image, but I also think the

Photographer of the Day: Michael Hoffman

Category: Architecture Photograph: Oculus For those that don’t know, Oculus is part of the rebuilt World Trade Center in New York. If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth a trip. Michael’s

Photographer of the Day: Lauri Novak

Category: Architecture Photograph: Calder Flamingo BW Perspective Okay…okay…It’s true. I’m a sucker for black and white architecture! Kidding aside, Lauri beautifully contrasted Calder’s Flamingo in Chicago against a clean sky, vignetted

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