Learn how your computer works and I mean truly understand what you own. I talk to so many people who work creatively who don’t understand their hardware. It’s great to have power, but you need to have balanced systems.

How to fix common problems

You need to know how to fix common problems, repairing permissions, restoring a corrupted piece of software,  running updates on your computer. 

What can you upgrade?

Is there anything you can upgrade adding in memory or an external GPU to boost performance? 

Where are the weak links?

Where are the weak links? I see people complaining all the time about software and they don’t understand that the bottleneck is their hard drive or that they skimped on their computer and got an i3 or an i5 processor, but are trying to do professional-level work. 

You need to buy the best equipment you can afford and make sure that that equipment is accessible. This means either having good credit (if you do not have the money on hand but need to buy more) or saving up until you can afford what you really need.

Can’t wait for the rest?

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