As photographers, one of the ways we describe or define our work is through the genres or styles we choose to specialize in. This may be useful at first, because it allows us to focus on learning the skills and techniques that will serve as the foundation of our photography. However, somewhere along our journey, we may also find ourselves interested in other genres or styles. When that happens, some of us may start thinking, “What kind of a photographer should I call myself?” Today’s photography inspiration provides a poignant answer to that.

In the video above, UK-based photographer Sean Tucker gave an important reminder for all of us: shoot the subjects that make us happy. Ignore the label-makers and gatekeepers, because they’re not going to help us grow or become more creative as photographers.

To explain his points, he also shared his own experiences about feeling confused about how other photographers defined his work. Some even said that his work didn’t really fit in any category and tried to find a label for what he does. Still, he considers himself as simply a photographer who is open-minded about experimentation, trying out different kinds of photography and taking photos of whatever catches his eye.

Tucker makes some really encouraging and empowering perspectives that will surely make any photographer think about their craft differently. So, make sure to watch until the end!

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