Add color, and I mean to your wardrobe. Stop only wearing black or shades of gray.


I look at my Christmas presents this year, and I got a lot of black clothing. My wife bought me black clothing. My father brought me black clothing. My kids bought me a black T-shirt. 

Chances are if you’re a creative person, you probably have a lot of black, so add a little color, go vibrant even if it’s underneath. Go for some colored underwear. Look for accessories, ties, belts. I do have a vast collection of incredible belts. If you’re looking to add them, I’ll show you a link here in just a moment, but there’s a great artist that I love. It gives me a splash of color (even if I’m wearing a suit coat).


Add some color to your environment, wall art, things around you. I realized that a lot of times, we need to work with gray backgrounds and neutral desktops, but you can still have some color in the room and try to design color.


Change yourself, work in new colors into your designs when you’re not constrained by corporate policy. Be sure to explore these two resources:

Add a splash

One of my favorite sources of color, Jon Wye. He makes these incredible belts as well as other options like camera straps and guitar straps, shirts, hoodies, etc. Still, he has these fantastic belts, one of a kind belts, graphic patterns, classic ones and these storyline belts. You’ll find a great collection of color here that you can weave into your wardrobe and have a little dash of creativity that you know is there. 

Can’t wait for the rest?

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