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In this renewed, reinvigorated episode of The Mind Your Own Business Podcast, Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen discuss marketing tips to improve your photography business. In particular, they discuss the following topics:

  • Only show the type of photography work that you want to get. Make sure the right type of work is in your portfolio, and only include your best work.
  • Take what you’ve learned from workshops, and make sure you can replicate that work on your own.
  • You can’t “fake it ’til you make it” with photography.
  • If you get the chance, take a workshop with Clay Blackmore, Tony Corbell, or Bobbi Lane in order to watch what they do with light. Learn how to control your environment with lighting.
  • Learn how to be proficient and persistent in the photographs you make. Learn how to make a photograph on purpose.
  • If someone doesn’t hire you because of your style, price, etc, there’s a strong chance that you’re talking to the wrong person.
  • Be sure to do your research on your ideal clients so you know who they are. Market in ways that show your prospects who you are and what you do. Know the demographics of your audience.
  • Consider creating an awesome leave behind, such as an impressive, well-made postcard, or a business card. Physical products leaves an impact. It leaves an impression, and shows that you will go the extra mile, and also that you care about quality.
  • is a great resource for creating awesome colleges to show off your work, which you can then get printed at your printer of choice.
  • Make sure to put your phone number on your marketing pieces so that potential clients can easily reach you.


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