This week, Kevin Ames walked us through how he decorates his walls, while Joy Celine Asto profiled photographer Dan Lior, featuring his photographs of the Achuar tribe.

Ken Lee told us how to stack images to capture the ultimate Milky Way photo. Then, we previewed the upcoming guided workflow in LuminarAI. Finally, Jemma Pollari presented a seven-day challenge to help boost your creativity.

Xpozer prints are perfect wall decorations Decorating empty walls, the easy way - Walking through a room in my home, I noticed a corner that was too plain and was begging for some kind of art. Like you,
Living the dream: Scenes from the daily life of the Achuar tribe - The Amazon forest is home to several Indigenous communities, but many of them continue to shy away from the rest of the world. So, when
Stacking images for brilliant Milky Way photos - You might hear the term “stacking” in photography. One can stack for focusing, perspective or star trails. This, however, is stacking for starry night skies,
Skylum previews new guided workflow in LuminarAI - This morning, Skylum gave a more in-depth preview of the new workflow in LuminarAI, set to be released later this year. Counteracting the limitations of
Do a seven-day challenge to quickly boost your creativity - Feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your photography? A quick photography challenge could be just what you need to get those creative juices

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