This week, Ken Lee kicked things off by talking with Mike Cooper about lighting locations by the moon, stars and handheld light. Then, Scott Wyden Kivowitz showed us the Oben GH-30C gimbal head for panoramas.

Julie Powell walked us through the Xpozer Prints Presets Pack, perfect for preparing your prints before you send them off, while Mason Foster told us how to deliver value at a distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, Nate Torres told us why we might want to rethink our love for bokeh.

Under a bayou moon with night photographer Mike Cooper, part one - Southern-based night photographer Mike Cooper has covered broad expanses of the Midwest and Southern United States, offering fantastic glimpses of abandoned places lit by the
Oben GH-30C Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head Review Lightweight, stable panoramas with the Oben GH-30C - As someone who wrote a book about panoramic photography, I often get questions about multi-row panos. But the funny thing is, until now I never
Quick and easy ready for print presets with Xpozer and Luminar - Getting your images ready for print with Xpozer has never been quicker or easier in Luminar (and Lightroom) with the new FREE Xpozer Prints Presets
Portraits during a pandemic: Delivering value at a distance - (Editor’s Note: We welcome this guest post from Mason Foster. Mason is a commercial photographer specializing in portraiture. He is also the co-founder of Two
No, not all your images need that creamy bokeh look - Bokeh has been exploding in popularity left, right and center. Everyone wants that creamy bokeh look on their photos. What is bokeh? Why has it

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