Walking through a room in my home, I noticed a corner that was too plain and was begging for some kind of art. Like you, I love taking pictures but don’t put a lot of them on the wall.

I discovered a really simple and easy way to get them out of my computer and onto my wall while bypassing the frame shop. For the purposes of this article, Xpozer provided me with the two prints and frames.

Frames are expensive

I have a few photographs by photographers whose work I admire that I have had framed with museum glass to save them from ultraviolet light. UV causes prints to fade. The downside to all of this are numerous:

  • Frames are expensive
  • Museum glass is, too
  • Framing takes time
  • Framed photos are heavy
  • Frames require proper hangers

Prints with frames included

I happily filled my walls with prints of my photos that come with hidden frames included. The photos don’t need to be mounted like the ones sent to a frame shop. There are a pair of secrets to these prints. First, the paper is specially designed to lie flat and cut glare and has built-in UV protection like museum glass. Second, each print comes with mounts pre-attached to their corners. The included invisible frame makes hanging them easy.

Prepping the photos

I had just done a shoot with my god-nieces. The younger sister is very expressive and animated. Sometimes she is very serious. I had chosen pictures that showed both of these sides.

I narrowed the fun ones down to my favorite four, and put them in a grid that would fit the 24-inch by 36-inch print size I wanted for the wall. The other one was sized to fit the same size. I wanted one print of the serious niece looking at the grid of fun versions.

All of the images came from a 20-megapixel Canon 1DX Mark III. While a lot of resolution is nice, it’s not necessary for big prints.

Xpozer makes bare walls fill with art

I ordered a pair of prints for my bare corner. I’d wanted to hang something there for a long time, but held off because of all of the steps involved in framing them. Not to mention the cost. I have my own 44″ Canon printer so printing is a breeze. It’s the mounting, framing and hanging that are the problems.

I went to xpozer.com to order my prints. They came a few days later and I put them on the wall in minutes. This experience was so easy and it’s cost-effective, too.

I was curious how long it would take to frame and hang one of the Xpozer prints so I put my iPad on a light stand to make this video.

Get a great deal on Xpozer prints

Xpozer prints are used by photographers worldwide. You can read about them and get tips on photography in the series Amazing Photography right here on Photofocus.