We hope you are having a safe and happy New Year! This week, Joy Celine Asto spotlighted Christmas trees … and what happens to them when they’re tossed to the curb. Then, Julie Powell taught us about the differences between Manual and Aperture Priority modes.

Darren Miles reviewed the Fujifilm XF 8-16mm lens, while Lauri Novak recapped the unusual year of 2020. Finally, the Photofocus team picked their favorite cameras, lenses, software and accessories, and looked forward to the future.

A portrait of Christmas trees in the afterglow of the holidays - It’s the Christmas season once more, which means most of us are getting busy decking our places to get into that cheery holiday spirit. Shopping lists are being written. Delivery schedules for gifts are being planned out. However, there’s another side to this season that hardly crosses our minds during the festivities: the fleeting nature […]
Photography 101: Manual vs. Aperture Priority - So which should you use? Sure there are other modes on your camera, but the most common and often used seems to be Manual or Aperture Priority. As someone who has ALWAYS touted Manual, Manual, Manual, I must admit … these days I find myself shooting more and more in Aperture Priority (AP). And here […]
The XF 8-16mm has me rethinking Fuji cameras for my professional work - I admit it. In the digital era, I was born and raised on the “idiot dial.” Essentially the “idiot dial” is the knob you turn to put your camera into it’s various modes — Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program and Manual mode. If you’ve ever used a Fuji camera, the “idiot dial” goes out the […]
year 2020: An unusual year in review - As we come to the end of this unusual year I thought it would be interesting and a good exercise to do a bit of a review of 2020. The biggest challenge for many of us was no traveling, in some cases not even locally. So what did you do to fill your time? Did […]
The best of 2020: Cameras, lenses, software, accessories and more - Oh what a year it has been. While most of us would rather forget a lot about 2020, we wanted to look back on some of the best that the year had to offer. We asked our team to vote for some of their favorites, and to also look forward to the future. Here’s what […]