Photographer of the Day: E.P. Scott

Category: Fall Photographer: E.P. Scott Photo: “Autumn Fire” I absolutely love this fall shot by E.P. of an abandoned building with the sun shining through. Using a sunset with other

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Fall Photographer: Joe Photo: “First Signs of Fall” Sometimes a minimalist, subdued image can have a powerful impact. Joe’s capture of a leaf floating in the water is just

Photographer of the Day: Ian Lewry

Category: Fall Photographer: Ian Lewry Photo: “New Hampshire USA – in the fall” When it comes to landscapes, I’m always a big fan of having something present in the foreground.

15 creative fall photography ideas

Will fall in full swing, and the leaves starting to change, now’s a good of time as any to get out and photograph the changing season! Fall provides some great

Photographer of the Day: Cathy Seaver

Category: Sports Photograph: Cathy Seaver “The Angler MG” Cathy beautifully captures this image of a fisherman reeling in a recently-caught fish. The reason I love this shot is that it

Making Fall Colors Pop in Lightroom

Sometimes what you see and what your camera sees are very different. This was the case on a recent fall foliage hike I took a few weeks ago. It can

Guadalupe Serenity by Mary Hulett

Photographer of the Day: Mary Hulett

Category: Nature Photographer: Mary Hulett Title: Guadalupe Serenity There is much to like about Guadalupe Serenity, starting the use of the water as a leading line, which pulls the viewer

Photo of the Day: Path to the Unknown Destination

Category: Architecture/Landscape Photography by Nadeem Ahmad Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr page. There’s no denying the power of autumn’s colors when you look at images like Nadeem’s. The smattering

Fall Marketing Tips For Emerging Photographers

Guest post by It’s time to start putting together your proactive marketing ideas for the fall and it doesn’t matter what your specialty is. For example, if you’re a commercial