PhotoRoom is an app that uses AI to remove the background of photos so that the subject can be placed into another new scene. It does a lot more, too: Removing unwanted images, even generating completely original new scenes around the subject using AI.

Available on all platforms, PhotoRoom invites you to “Create professional designs for free with out all-in-one creative photo editing platform.” While it is a free download, many of the features are pro-only, but you can play with them first with a free trial.

Removing background from product photos in PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom’s main feature is the very accurate background removal. In a few seconds it’ll cut out even a complicated subject and the results are bang on. If you do need to adjust your Scan, it just takes a few swipes.

While the main use is focused on product images, it works with people and more. It gets around tricky bits like hair with ease.

Creating an Instant Background for product photos in PhotoRoom

The Instant Background feature is what I was most impressed by with PhotoRoom. It uses AI image generation to place the cut out subject in a new scene. Like every AI image generation there’s the odd one that will have you tilting your head going “Um, whaaaat?” but for the most part the results are pretty realistic!

Clicking a background suggestion will generate four options for you to chose from for your new scene. You can Resize the aspect ratio from here and then click on your chosen scene to enlarge and edit it further.

Choosing a scene will give you a few different generated images, or you can generate more with the button.

You can drop the same Scan into different scenes to find what looks best (or for fun).

To make product photos in PhotoRoom, all you need to do is take a photo of your product in the best light you’ve got available, and then let PhotoRoom do the rest to clear away the clutter. There’s a whole range of different options for scenes to put your product in, from different bench tops to fabric to the standard clean white background.

Using PhotoRoom to add text and change formats

PhotoRoom is like Adobe Express or Canva in that you can load up your brand fonts by saving them to your Favorite Texts (click the Star on any particular asset to save it). You can do the same for Scans and Backgrounds so you can get to them easily over and over.

The Resize feature allows you to change aspect ratios with one click. Note that when you have used an AI Instant Background, you may have to reposition the cutout after resizing.

PhotoRoom is a super affordable app with a bucketload of power

I am pretty impressed with the quality that PhotoRoom produces. The images pass muster on mobile. On desktop it’s possible to see the seams, and it’s not yet there to replace a properly photographed product. However, the majority of people experience a site on their mobile device first now, so it’s unlikely to be a problem.

PhotoRoom is just real enough to pass muster on mobile, and plenty good enough for a lot of online applications.

PhotoRoom can also batch edit. If you have a whole heap of product images, you can apply the same processing to each one, automatically. Time saver!

At time of writing I got a yearly subscription for less than $50. At that price point it’s worth giving PhotoRoom a go. It’s a lot of fun, and if you sell products online, it could be just the tool you need to streamline your product images.