From real estate to portraiture to landscape composition, changing weather conditions are the single element in which we possess zero creative control as photographers. The weather app of today does add a certain level of forecasting and planning confidence, and especially so for scheduled client work, yet plan as we may, we’re simply at the mercy of the almighty expanse above.

Don’t get me wrong. It is certainly a luxury to know when we’re not going to be rained out, granted, but where are the clouds, texture and/or lack thereof? Nothing draws the eye and finishes a landscape like the leading lines created by this tapestry of evaporation floating on-high.

Invariably still, all planning aside I often find that “just a little more” is almost always needed to achieve a specific creative vision than what is available at the time. That is, until now.

In this video, we’ll be exploring one effective solution to make the most of any dull or mediocre sky by way of a Photoshop to LuminarAI plugin workflow.

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