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luminar 4

Adding a touch of bokeh to an image
I edit your photos stuck at home, part two
Creating that soft, dreamy, hazy look
I edit your photos stuck at home, part one
Slimming faces: When and why
Add creativity with Luminar’s AI Augmented Sky
Love is in the air with these great Luminar deals
Save big and create beautiful landscapes with Luminar 4
Sky replacement with red rocks and juniper
Skylum releases Luminar 4.1 update with new AI features and improvements
One touch sky replacement in Luminar 4
Portrait Tips: Ruin the color for better black and whites

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Love is in the air with these great Luminar deals

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Skylum has made some great savings available for its flagship product, Luminar 4. You can save up to $98, depending on which bundle you choose! Luminar 4 offers great creative effects to make for unique

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One touch sky replacement in Luminar 4

So Luminar 4 has been out for a little while now, and there are some great features to really make your images pop! I adore the Creative panel and the AI enhancements are really quite clever. One thing I found

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Portrait Tips: The solution to the Cuteness Zone

“1200 pictures??? How is that even possible …?” You’ve said that to yourself after a shoot, right? There’s a certain sense of dread associated with it. “She’s a newborn; she didn’t even change poses!” But it happens to all of

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Let it snow with textures and blend modes

As the snow begins to fall (like it is as I’m typing this), I always like to go back and look at my past winter photographs. Not because I love photographing out in the winter tundra, below-zero wind chills that

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Editing a portrait in Luminar 4

Luminar 4 has many powerful tools to edit and enhance portraits. In this video, you will learn how to apply a combination of tools to creatively edit a portrait and why they are used. You’re welcome to download the Luminar

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Avoiding memory card chaos

As photographers, we often take for granted one of the most important pieces of equipment we can invest in — memory cards. Whether you use CF or SD cards, there’s some simple things to remember in order to avoid card failure.

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Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure with Kevin Ames

Exposure Tactics: Mastering exposure

This Exposure Tactics post explains what a “technically proper” exposure is and how to get there. Remember I said technically proper, not creatively right. The three photos above are with different exposures. Each one brings out a different feeling or

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Mind Your Own Business: New year, new plans!

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives! Today Skip and I have a detailed discussion about what photographers can do to make 2021 (and 2022, actually) better than ever. “Growth

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Going wide with 24mm for street photography

For many photographers, 35mm is the ideal focal length for street photography. However, if you’ve ever been curious about wide you can go with your choice of lenses for this genre, the quick video above by Pierre Lambert will give

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Five exercises to help you see

We are all photographers. Phones. Tablets. Cameras. Every one of us can at almost any given moment take a photo. The question is how can you make your images different from anyone else’s? “The real voyage of discovery consists not

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