Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have a feast of great articles from the week on Photofocus.

Leading off is Julie Powell with her take on Xpozer prints, followed by a great review of two micro four-thirds wide-angle zooms from Bryan Esler. Next up is the crazy idea for photographing stars with telephoto lenses from Levi Sim. Amid controversy about the viability of Olympus’ camera business, Bryan Esler counters with the new lens roadmap from this venerable camera maker. The Wrap-Up wraps with the answer to “Why does color cast matter?” from Kevin Ames.

All of us at Photofocus wish you a great Thanksgiving/Cyber Week.

Welcome to Xpozer, a new way to print and hang your images - Welcome to Xpozer, a new way to print and hang your images. I was recently asked to look at and review Xpozer printing and framing system, which claims to “Make Photography Awesome…” “We created Xpozer as an elegant solution to the challenges of hanging large photos. Our Vivid Satin print material and Forever Frame are […]
Battle of the ultra-wide micro four-thirds lenses: Panasonic vs. Olympus - When I switched to micro four-thirds a couple of years ago, first with Panasonic and now Olympus, I knew one of my first lenses would be an ultra-wide. I had two options — a Panasonic 7-14mm f/4 or an Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO lens. For someone who typically shoots wide just for landscapes and the […]
Are you crazy? You can’t use a long lens for stars! - Wondering what to get the photographer on your list who has “everything?” Take a look at the Photofocus Holiday Shopping Guide for gift ideas and links. Prices start at under $25. Wanna test your tripod’s stability? Don’t mess around with hanging from it and doing pullups like the sales guys do at trade shows. All […]
Olympus reveals updated lens roadmap for 2020 - A week after addressing rumors that had circulated over the company’s possible sale, Olympus has announced updates to its M.Zuiko Digital lens roadmap. The company highlights several releases in 2020, in addition to the already announced M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens. Roadmap additions New to the M.Zuiko PRO lens roadmap is […]
Why does color cast matter? - Color cast is everywhere. Take a photo of a snowscape on a sunny day. The snow is blue, not white because it reflects the color of the sky. So this color cast is OK. What about the bride in the sparkly white dress on a beautiful grass lawn? Is green the color she wants in […]

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