This week, Julie Powell kicked things off by answering the question, should you become a professional photographer? Then, Bryan Esler told us what’s next for Olympus users, and Bob Coates introduced us to a great solution to easily change out your wall art.

Michele Grenier put the Sony a6400 and a9 head-to-head in a mirrorless face-off, and finally, Levi Sim gave seven tips to help photograph the NEOWISE comet.

Should you become a professional photographer? - Perhaps you have been photographing for a while. Regardless of the genre, you’re quite good, everyone around you thinks so (and not just your mom and partner/spouse, they don’t tend to be impartial). Maybe it’s time to take the show on the road and go pro? The question then becomes should you become a professional […]
What’s next for Olympus users? - When I first heard the news about Olympus’ intentions to sell its imaging division, I was pretty caught off-guard. Leading up to COVID-19, it was thought that the company was doing better. Olympus had just released the OM-D E-M1 Mark III — one of its flagship cameras — and for the most part I saw […]
The Xpozer 4Pack: Changeable art for your walls - Getting prints out of your computer and on the wall is a great way to enjoy your photos as art and decorate your home. It is even easier, and less expensive, when you use the Xpozer 4Pack system. I had the opportunity to try out and review Xpozer last October. Check my initial thoughts on […]
Mirrorless face-off: Sony a6400 vs. Sony a9 - In this mirrorless face-off, we put to the test the Sony a6400 VS the Sony a9. Is the $4k full-frame really worth buying over the $900 crop-sensor?
Seven tips to help you photograph the NEOWISE comet - The NEOWISE comet was discovered by a space telescope built at Utah State University, where I now work. I think that is so cool. When Comet Hale-Bopp passed by in 1997, I was just getting started in my high school photography class. I remember trying to photograph the comet with my black and white film, […]

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