Getting prints out of your computer and on the wall is a great way to enjoy your photos as art and decorate your home. It is even easier, and less expensive, when you use the Xpozer 4Pack system. I had the opportunity to try out and review Xpozer last October. Check my initial thoughts on making prints.

Happy wife equals happy life

We’ve all heard that expression and know that it is true. I used Xpozer prints to make my wife happy. I surprised her with some new photo artwork in the bathroom. I replaced frames that were looking a little tired with new unframed prints. She said, “It’s like we just got a face-lift in here. It feels like a spa.”

‘Nuff said!

Why do I like Xpozer?

In addition to a happy wife, I like that Xpozer images float one inch off the wall for a neat and clean look. Printing color has been true to my files. If you are not sure about your color correction and quality they have a service that will make sure your file is substantial enough for your print so there is no guesswork. Pricing is pretty incredible, with the 20-by-30 inch size I ordered coming in at about $80 plus $9.99 shipping.

The nice part is you can swap out prints in no time when you’d like to adjust your décor or you’ve scored a new favorite photo capture ala the prints I spoke about above.

The 4Pack

These boxes contain two frames and four prints 20-by-30 inches, only 26.5 inches long.

Shipping prints is inexpensive because the system is light. In addition, the image above shows four prints and two 20-by-30 inch frames in boxes that are a little over 20 inches.

Light aluminum frame before assembly.

Here’s my example. A 20-by-30 inch print with frame goes for about $80. A 4Pack is $191.95, which includes one frame. This saves you a little over $30 buying a frame and three extra prints.

When you purchase you are set up with a credit for the four prints and you order them as you are ready. Order a print and frame and swap it out a month or six months down the road. One caveat is that each time they make a shipment it’s $9.99. If you know what prints you want you could order all four at once and ultimately save an additional $30.

Get multiples

Ordering multiple frames at the same time is also possible if you have other locations already picked out to hang art. I knew I wanted two prints to be hanging immediately and got an additional frame. I have two additional prints on standby to swap out when the time comes. Or, who knows? I might just order two more frames!

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob