It’s almost summer and Julie Powell begins this week’s wrap-up photographing kids and water balloons. Michael Muraz squeezes us and his lights into an impossible to light bathroom and tells us how he did it. Chris Anson enhances landscapes in Luminar. Bob Coates shows how to work when the light is just not right and Scott Wyden Kivowitz shares a black & white photo of the liberation of a WWII concentration camp then turns it into color.
Enjoy these five posts from the many featured this week on Photofocus!

Summer photography fun with kids: Water balloons - Have you ever considered water balloons as a type of child-friendly extreme sport? When you bring some photographic elements into it, it can be. This one is perhaps not for the littles, but for older kids with a bit of adult supervision. It provides for some awesome fun (for the adults as well). But beware, […]
Interior photography: Lighting an impossible bathroom - When photographing residential interiors, I sometimes use extra lighting to improve the final images. Today, I want to go through how I shot an impossible bathroom and solved my issues with some creative lighting. To start, here is a frame with just the ambient light. My main issue was that the bathroom was literally surrounded […]
Luminar - Using Accent AI 2.0 and other AI tools to enhance landscapes Using Accent AI 2.0 and other AI tools to enhance landscapes in Luminar - In this article, I’m going to show you an example of how I use the AI tools found in Luminar 3.1.0 to enhance landscapes and in particular, how the new Accent AI 2.0 filter does a much better job than the original Accent AI did. We’ll also take a look at the AI Sky Enhancer, […]
How to cope when you can’t wait for the “right light” - As a professional photographer, you have to be able to deliver a solid product no matter the conditions. When a client tells you they want a photograph of over 60 people at 12:30 in the afternoon you need to produce. The challenge Precision Nutrition called for a photoshoot at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ. I […]
Black and White vs Color Black and white vs. color: Which has more emotion? - I feel like this topic is one that can be debated from here to eternity. It’s a fun discussion where everyone is right. Which has more emotion, black and white photographs or color photographs? I wanted to bring this up because while testing ColouriseSG for a video (below) I chose to use a photograph with […]